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First of all, guys, check this out.

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Awwwww yesssss. First Adam Pally is made a series regular on The Mindy Project and now we’re getting a return appearance from Damon “Coach” Wayans Jr. on New Girl? Perfect! I will not be satisfied until every cast member from Happy Endings has been placed on one of my other favorite comedies. Someone call Parks and Recreation about Eliza Couple, STAT! (How great would she be as a nemesis for Leslie Knope?)

OK now, let’s talk about the week in sitcoms. Normally I’d include HIMYM here, but I wrote a full blog about the special hour-long season premiere.

New Girl – “Nerd”
This was the second episode this season, and I definitely preferred it to the premiere. There were three basic storylines, all hilarious.
1) Jess gets teased by the cool teachers at her new school, Nick tries to hnew girl zooeyelp.
I really, really liked the chemistry between Nick and Jess in this storyline. The writers could have easily leaned on Nick’s curmudgeon-iness for early relationship humor, but instead they had him really stand up for his lady. Plus, excellent casting for the gang of cool teachers – Dreama Walker of Apartment 23 (another of my favorite sitcoms that’s gone too soon), Angela Kinsey of The Office and… I dunno, some other guy. Anyway, I liked that Jess was the one out of her comfort zone here and Nick was the voice of reason.
2) Schmidt tries to juggle Elizabeth and Cece.
Schmidt attempted to juggle two women was a great way to show the cracks in his playa facade, and I loved that his office was only a two-thirds replica of Don Draper’s office. Because Schmidt can’t be that guy.
3) Winston cat-sits and contemplates cat-murder.
Like Jess and Schmidt, Winston was trying to be something he’s not – a cat killer. His girlfriend Daisy couldn’t be exclusive with him, but was quick to get him to cat-sit while she messed around with other guys. Winston toyed with the idea of killing the cat – “An eye for an eye, a cat for a cat”, with the other cat being his heart – but in the end adopted the little kitty. I liked how this idea played with the crazy-Winston we see when pranks or pulled or puzzles are pulled out, but reined him back in. Winston isn’t that guy. He’s the guy who knows he deserves better, and keeps the cat.
Favorite moments:

  • The guys talking in the elevator and forgetting to push the button was perfect.
  • I could watch the roommates sing “I Believe I Can Fly” over and over, and it would get funnier each time.
  • “What are you, a fourteen year-old hockey player?”

The Mindy Project – “The Other Dr. L”
mindyI really enjoyed James Franco on The Mindy Project. In the season premiere, he was obviously set up as a nemesis for Mindy. But the chemistry they had was more endearing than I expected. They didn’t hate one another, they just knew they could never co-exist. Mindy was in character here, but I feel like we also saw the parameters of her character grow a little. The drinking contest was fun, and presented her as a little tougher than she can sometimes seem. And OF COURSE Mindy ate an entire loaf of bread before coming to the bar, despite not knowing she’d end up in a drinking contest. Fantastic. Having Dr. Leotard drunkenly sleep with Danny’s ex Christina was also much more interesting than having him sleep with Mindy.
Favorite moments:

  • The whipped cream one-piece bathing suit.
  • Danny does not agree that Haiti is the worst place in the world. “The worst place in the world is Fenway Park.”

Modern Family “Suddenly, Last Summer” and “First Days”
I really liked the first episode of Modern Family, and specifically the Mitch and Cam storyline. Their mutual proposal was sweet and heartfelt, and the antics surrounding it was very funny. Plus, I got a huge kick out of the Manny storyline. But the second episode felt like more of the same old, same old. I didn’t love what the writers did with Claire’s new job, and Mitch was back to belittling Cam’s career.
Favorite moment: Manny, upon being told he can take only one silk robe to Colombia, says “Well now we know what everyone will be talking about on my second morning in Colombia.”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Hofstadter Insufficiency” and “The Deception Verification”
Like Modern Family, I cared more for the first episode of TBBT than the second. I enjoyed seeing Penny and Sheldon bond, and I liked Amy and Bernadette’s dynamic together too. It brought the right combination of warmth and humor to the show. Even Raj had a decent subplot, striking up a conversation with a female colleague now that he can speak freely to women. But the second episode relied too much on Howard accidentally taking estrogen, which I did not find funny, and Sheldon’s feelings getting hurt. It took away from the sincerity of the previous episode.
Favorite moment: “Here’s a hot beverage to make you feel better. It’s in a to-go cup. Make of that what you will.”

Parks and Recreation – “London, Part 1 and 2″
I really liked this episode. The hour-long, double-episode season premieres this week were wearing on my a little, but I always have time for Parks and Rec. I feel like I don’t have anything new to say about this show. It’s funny and sweet, and I love everything about it.
Favorite moment: “Perhaps in a canoe. Most likely in a canoe. I actually built a canoe, for this purpose.” Best Swanson proposal ever.

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