Earth 2 Spoilers: Who is Brutaal? How Does He Bring About Mass Destruction?

Steppenwolf versus the World Army….it’s a very one sided affair. Darkseid’s Grand High Marshall cuts his way through thousands of men without mercy, his only allies being his three Hunger Dogs. Beguiler, Bedlam, and Brutaal. With their help the battle is a bloodbath, and the World Army is absolutely decimated.


The Wonders enter the fray, hoping to turn the tides of the war and save their planet, but there’s not enough they can do. Green Lantern holds his own against Steppenwolf, but Brutaal brings the Lantern to his knees….and then backhands The Atom unconscious. The Wonders fall under the power of the warriors of Apocalypse, and Steppenwolf declares the world his….



And then Brutaal rips him in half while burning him to a crisp. Mocking his former ‘master’ for believing himself to be the true power, and treating him, Beguiler, and Bedlam like pets. His armor cracks and breaks as he announces his intentions, and his identity stands revealed.



Superman. He’s Superman, believed dead for the last five years, and now a proud soldier of Darkseid, and the Earth will never be the same….


Because the firepits were nothing compared to this.

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