WWE Ups The Extras For Battleground DVD Release

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Remember when WWE PPV DVDs used to have good special features, or at the very least more than one? The days of getting a four-star classic as an extras match (i.e., the Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle, Fatal 4-Way match from SmackDown! December 2002 – found on the Armageddon 2002 DVD release) seem like a distant memory.

Well, World Wrestling Entertainment has heard the prayers you’ve been saying after eating your vitamins and have decided to up the extras for the forthcoming Battleground DVD release. Actually, the additional extras most likely have to do with making up for the 15-minute blackout that occurred during the PPV.

WWE Battleground

Here are the features that are to be included.

Battleground Kickoff Show Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

– Rob Van Dam Contemplates His Future in WWE
– Randy Orton Reacts to Battleground
– Josh Mathews Interviews Daniel Bryan

From Monday Night RAW – October 7, 2013:

Six Man Tag Team Match
Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan & Goldust vs. The Shield

– Renee Young Interviews Big Show

With Battleground being one of the least-received PPVs World Wrestling Entertainment has presented this year, it makes sense for the company to include a little more in the extras department. Plus, with WWE PPV DVDs routinely selling for less than $14.99 their week of release, the addition makes things that much sweeter.

On a side note: Fingers crossed that for the ending of MNR Six Man Tag that they dub in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World KO sound effect when Big Show knocks out Triple H.

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