On October 28, Wrestling News Source posted an interview with the editor of the UK’s Fighting Spirit Magazine. Apparently TNA has been on the market for a few months, they are keeping it low key to attract certain buyers, but this quote struck me:


“If someone does make a bid, that information will then be leaked in certain quarters, in the hope of starting a bidding war that would raise the price further.”



On October 29 Wrestlezone reported that Eric Bischoff was now being paid to sit out the remainder of his contract at home. Apparently Dave Meltzer is reported as saying people are happy with this, and that”


“Eric was very lucky that he had some very smart people propping him up in the WCW Days and those people aren’t there now, and he got exposed on this run real bad.”


The same article also reports AJ Styles will be fighting at AAA in Mexico, defending the TNA title belt against a yet-to-be-named opponent. Way to keep kayfabe – he’s defending a title he apparently no longer has!



On October 28 on Jason Powell posted some more TNA news items, but the most pertinent two are:


– TNA talent is apparently working a per-appearance payment deal, and the recent cut in live shows reduces their pay and this is seen as a concern.


– It is assumed there will still be a Genesis PPV even though it’s not being advertised, it doesn’t appear on the TNA website and there are plans to be in Europe at that time. Viz:



On October 29, the UK’s Mirror website has announced that TNA will film 2 PPVs in the UK, TNA’s first outside the USA: British Empire Cup and Joker’s Wild 2, both a part of the One Night Only concept, which looks set to continue into 2014.



In response to all of this, on October 30 Dixie Carter tweeted the following:


“Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed” Erica Jong   #BlessYourHearts” (6:17 AM – 30 Oct 2013)



As an aside, speaking of Twitter, Bully Ray has also waded into the world of stupidity using social media. Following Tito Ortiz pulling out of the Bellator fight with Rampage Jackson with a wounded something, the former TNA champion has tweeted:


“Heard @Rampage4real needs a new opponent.  Show me the $$$ and I’ll step into that cage and make ya famous…when I knock you out.” (5:55 AM – 28 Oct 2013 )



My 2 cents: I’m not going to put my opinions here because I think this all speaks for itself. TNA diehards will say it shows TNA is heading on the right track to get back to challenging WWE (seriously – you should read the emails I get). TNA haters will start shovelling the dirt on the coffin, even though it’s still in the show-room and the body’s not even dead yet.


But, really, look at this. Read it objectively.


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