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  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Parks and Recreation

How I Met Your Mother – “Platonish”
This episode was better, because it used flashbacks to save us from the godawful Farhampton Inn and integrated the mother into the story. But the show is relying too much on the Ted/Barney/Robin love triangle to enjoy it anymore.

New Girl – “Menus”
New Girl has been a little off its game recently, but I still enjoy it. Jess’s displaced anger and crusade against Chinese food menus was funny, and I liked seeing Coach try to coach Nick. I still don’t think Schmidt’s move down the hall is working though, and I hope the show figures out how to fix that dynamic since Damon Wayans Jr. is staying onboard all season.
Best moment: Winston once sat out a sports game because he was sad. And also cold.

The Mindy Project – “You’ve Got Sext”
This was one of the funniest episodes I think the show has done, and definitely the best since Adam Pally came on board. I love how Mindy shows texting, and it really worked for the show here. The dynamic between Mindy and Danny is really working, and was at its best here. Plus, I liked how Morgan and Peter were pretending to be Mindy not just out of mischievousness, but goodheartedness. It was cute to watch them get to excited when Cliff would respond well to “Mindy’s” flirtations. Great, great episode.
Best moment: “My favorite hobby is also activities!”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Itchy Brain Simulation”
Eh, not my favorite episode. These days, I like TBBT best when the group dynamic is shaken up a little, and this week the Leonard/Sheldon stuff felt a little stale to me.

Parks and Recreation – “Fillibuster” and “Recall Vote”
Oh man, I’ve missed Parks and Rec! And we’re back with Leslie fillibustering in 90s clothes and rollerskates? It’s like they planned this episode just for me. The costumes were so awesome. Also, I’m enjoying the guest spot from Tatiana Maslany even more now that I have watched Orphan Black. The fillibuster led perfectly into the recall vote, and despite the delayed Halloween theme, it was a good episode. Leslie was removed from office, with Kristen Bell taking her place. I loved seeing Ann come to her BFF’s aid when she was down, it was a sweet moment for those two to share before Rashida Jones exits the show.
Best moment: “That woman called my chair delicious.” I loved the B plot in the second episode, where Ron’s chair was featured in a ridiculous lifestyle magazine that Donna and Tom follow. It was the best of everything that those characters offer.

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