UFC 167 – Facebook Prelims – Live Video Stream, Live Results, Play By Play, Discussion

Hey fight fans, welcome to the UFC 167 online portion of the card. We’ll have the prelims embedded in a YouTube feed below as soon as it goes live. You can follow my call of the action below, as well.

205 lbs.: Cody Donovan vs. Gian Villante

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing and aggressive. Kim Winslow had to seperate them before she signaled time in because both are very excited to be fighting. Villante is throwing a nice lead uppercut and trying to grab a Thai Plumb off it. Donovan is working the body and has been tagging him. Villante is not utilizing a lot of movement; he’s presenting an easy target to get hit. Donovan is landing some nice shots and Villante is just being stationary, being reactive. He’s trying to keep Donovan at distance but he’s very aggressive out of the gate. Donovan is looking to set up a big right and Villante is standing there on his heels. He catches a body kick and gets the takedown, landing in half guard aiming to go to side control. Donovan into full guard and he’s looking to roll to something. Villante rolls for an armbar and Villante wants to stand. Both guys are starting to slow a bit right now. Some nice jabs from Donovan as the round ends; Villante is giving him an easy target to hit. Donovan 10-9

Round 2: Villante is more aggressive this round as both guys are coming out throwing. Donovan with a double leg that doesn’t connect but he’s in on the body lock against the cage. Villante manages to swim his way out and we’re back to the middle. Donovan is starting to get tagged a bit more now. Villante is presenting a big target. Villante counters a big head kick with a right and DONOVAN GOES DOWN. Villante follows up with some strikes and it’s over.

Gian Villante wins via TKO at 1:22 of the second round

Side note: two years ago we interviewed Sergio Pettis for “MMA 24/7,” back when Shawn and Will both were active on the website. You can listen to it here, if you want.

135 lbs.: Sergio Pettis vs. Will Campuzano

Round 1: Campuzano gets the double early and Pettis grabs a guillotine. Campuzano clears his neck and Sergio gets up quick. Campuzano dictating the pace, catches a leg kick and gets the takedown. Pettis into guard and he’s looking to work a triangle off his back. Campuzano gets the back off a scramble and Pettis is fighting him off with hand control. Pettis works out of it and gets on top. Lands a nice standing knee to the body, lets Campuzano back up. Nice body kick and he’s looking to throw hands more. He catches Will’s kick and gets in deep. Goes for the takedown but blocked by a whizzer. Scramble and we’re back standing. Pettis is starting to find his groove here. Nice thigh kick from Pettis and Campuzano’s leg is hurt. Pettis looks really good so far. Nice left from Pettis and he’s lighting up Campuzano now. He’s working a combination and then landing a kick to the high. Real veteran poise for someone who’s not legally able to drink right now. Flying knee from Pettis is caught and Campuzano gets the takedown. Pettis in an open full guard. Campuzano postures up and lands some nice strikes. Campuzano 10-9 … but I can see it going either way. Very close round.

Round 2: Pettis comes back landing on the leg and Campuzano is pushing the pace now. He’s barreling in for a double and then throwing hands on Pettis. Pettis is keeping calm and not getting into a wild brawl right now. He’s working that leg, landing punches, and Campuzano is trying to goad him into a brawl. Pettis with a nice double 90 seconds in and Campuzano in full guard. Butterfly guard and Campuzano gets up, Pettis with a brilliant D’arce choke that nearly finishes. Goes for an armbar and uses it to transition to his back, grabs a body triangle and Campuzano manages to reverse. Campuzano starts with the ground and pound as Pettis is working for a triangle off his back. Pulls rubber guard and nearly gets a triangle, Campuzano gets his back off the scramble with 90 seconds left. Pettis is looking for a granby roll with a wrist grab but lets it go as Campuzano is looking to grab back. Pettis is defending well and he manages to get top position. He passes in to side control but Campuzano manages to get back to his feet. Ge reaches for a double and Pettis lands a nice knee. Spinning back kick misses as the round ends. 10-9 Pettis, 19-19

Round 3: Pettis has found a groove now. He’s standing on the outside, landing a combination and throwing kicks. His movement is really nice so far. Campuzano goes for a takedown again and Pettis with the power guillotine again. Campuzano is out of it and he’s in deep on a double right after. Pettis working out of a butterfly guard and Campuzano advances into half guard. He’s looking for an arm triangle and Pettis is rolling for a triangle again. Campuzano is working ground and pound as Pettis is content to stay in full guard so far. Pettis with a triangle attempt and Campuzano postures out, back into full guard. Pettis is being a handful on the bottom and goes for a scramble. FInally gets back to his feet with a minute left. Pettis landing some nice hands as Campuzano is going for a potentially fight clinching takedown. Pettis sprawls and grabs back, Campuzano back up and going after Pettis. Pettis grabs a body clinch with 10 seconds left and gets the takedown as time expires. 10-9 Campuzano, 29-28 Campuzano

This is going to be some interesting scoring, for sure. Most of the media has Pettis winning but I can see it going to Campuzano as well. Expecting a split decision.

Official decision – Sergio Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27×2, 29-28)

Not shocking … Pettis did enough off his back to make it interesting. No problem with that decision.

170 lbs.: Jason High vs. Anthony Lapsley

Round 1: Lapsley comes out throwing and High level changes to get a nice double leg takedown. He transitions to back. He’s working for an RNC right now and he’s got nearly four minutes. Lapsley rolls and High is tight. Lapsley up to his feet and escapes, High grabs a double and is in deep. Defend and High grabs a guillotine, pulls guard and can’t quite finish it. High with another transition to back and the slam, working for the RNC again. High is having problems getting in, as Lapsley is playing good hand control. High to mount and Lapsley gives up back. Lapsley is just playing defense right no, trying to grind out the round. High gives up back to go for a guillotine, grabs it and pulls guard, rolls it into mount and Lapsley fights out of it again. High is controlling him on mount and rides out the round that way. High 10-9

Round 2: High comes out at distance, lookin for a chance to get in on a double. Lapsley throws again and High gets the takedown. Scramble and High winds up in mount, goes for a guillotine and can’t finish it. High has mount and is looking to work his submission game. Lapsley gives up his back and we’re back where we were last round. High loses position and Lapsley gets full guard. Lapsley isn’t doing much in full guard, landing strikes, as he’s just trying to grind right now. High is trying to work a stand up from here as Lapsley is landing some nice strikes. High tries to get the scramble to get up but Lapsley shuts that down fairly effectively. Lapsley moves to half guard and he’s not doing much. He’s landing just enough to keep from being stood up … but not much more. Not much action as the round ends. 10-9 Lapsley, 19-19

Round 3: Lapsley with some nice strikes to start and High is back to his game. He’s looking to get inside for a takedown. and Lapsely is keeping him at distance. High throws some shots and Lapsley engages, High with a double and we’re back to the ground. High is trying to move to mount as Lapsley is looking for a triangle. High has him stacked, though, and moves to side control. High is looking to work that guillotine again, landing some nice body shots with his knee. Guillotine again and High has it in deep. Lapsley is out and High rolls for an omaplata off it. Lapsley doing a great job defending it. High is really working for it with two minutes left. Lapsley gets out and High is in a double, moving to a sequel. Lapsley dives for a double and High sprawls, moving to the guillotine again. Lapsley grabs back and High rolls for heel hook. Lapsley fights out and has back. Landing some strikes and slips off while going for the back, High in full guard. High on top, grinds out the round. 10-9 High, 29-28 High

Official decision – Jason High wins via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

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