Inside Pulse WWE Survivor Series 2013 Live Coverage Report:

Survivor Series 2013

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of WWE Survivor Series 2013! Keep it here for all the match-by-match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS!

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Josh Mathews and Hall of Famers Mick Foley, Booker T, and Bret “Hit Man” Hart are on the preshow panel. Renee Young is in the Social Media Lounge. Use the hashtag #SurvivorSeries to join the conversation on Twitter.

Michael Cole, Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and former WWE Champion JBL are on commentary.


Miz and Kofi have quite the score to settle. They wrestle on the mat and trade pinning combinations for a series of two-counts. Kofi sends Miz to the floor and wipes him out with a dive. Then they take a commercial break, which I find so strange on a pay-per-view. Back from the break and Kofi is in control. Miz cuts Kofi off with a kick to the face. He continues to wear Kofi down. Kofi comes back and tries Trouble in Paradise but Miz avoids it. A series of reversals ends with Kofi hitting the S.O.S. for a two-count. Miz tries the Figure-Four and Kofi counters with an inside cradle for two. Kofi goes up and hits a cross body block for a two-count. He kicks Miz in the face twice but misses a third. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Kofi counters with a victory roll, which Miz re-counters to his own cradle to get the pin. Miz offers his hand to Kofi, who retorts with a slap to the face.

WINNER – The Miz

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to welcome everyone to the show. Stephanie reminds everyone that there will be no interference in the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Big Show. Triple H goes one step further and notes that there will be no interference in any match tonight.

tag teams match

Ambrose and Rhodes start the match. They go back and forth a bit and Ambrose gets control. Ambrose gets too cocky though and Rhodes schoolboys him for the first elimination! The match breaks down and the Usos find it their time to shine. They knock the Real Americans and the remaning Shield to the floor, and each Uso takes out one of the teams with a dive! Back in the ring Rhodes goes to work on Rollins. Team Shield is able to cut Goldust off and they wear him down for several minutes. Eventually Goldust makes the hot tag to Mysterio, who is the proverbial house afire. Mysterio hits Swagger with the 619, Jimmy hits a superkick, and Jey hits the Samoan Splash to eliminate Swagger. Team Rhodes now has a 5-on-3 advantage. Cesaro comes in and executes the Cesaro Swing on both Usos. I love how much the crowd loves that move. Unfortunately that renders him too dizzy and Rhodes is able to pin him with a sunset flip! Now it’s 5-on-2. Jimmy tries to take Reigns out with a Samoan Splash but Reigns gets his knees up. Reigns hits a vicious spear to score the first elimination for that side. Moments later he hits another Spear, this one on Rhodes, to score another elimination. Now it’s 3-on-2. Jey and Reigns battle on the floor, and Jey hurls Reigns into the barricade and then the ring post. Back in the ring Jey misses a cross body block. Rollins tags in and hits a Curb Stomp to even the sides at 2-2. Mysterio is the legal man and the Shield isolate him. The crafty Mysterio is able to eliminate Rollins with a sunset flip! Now it’s a 2-1 advantage for the veterans Goldust and Mysterio. Goldust gets a hot tag and he almost puts Reigns away. It’s not to be though, as Reigns hits another Spear and Goldust is gone. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Reigns cuts him out of the air with a Spear! That’s enough for Reigns to score his fourth elimination and win the match.

WINNERS – The Shield & The Real Americans (Sole Survivor – Roman Reigns)

WWE 2K14 is out. I haven’t played it because the most recent gaming system I have is a PS2.

Backstage – The Authority is talking amongst themselves when Randy Orton interrupts. Orton wants their confidence and they give it to him.

Flo Rida’s “How I Feel” is the official theme song of Survivor Series.

IC Title

Langston has been the Champion since 11.18.13, and this is his first defense. Axel is eager to try and win his title back but Langston simply overpowers him. The challenger weathers the onslaught and tries to keep Langston on the canvas. Langston uses his power to turn the tables. He hits a splash to the back, Ultimate Warrior style, and the straps come down. Axel hangs on to the bottom rope to avoid being pulled away, and he hits the Perfect-Plex for a two-count. He goes for the neckbreaker but Langston avoids it and hits the Big Ending to get the pin.

WINNER – Big E Langston (still Intercontinental Champion)

Renee Young is in the ring to interview the Intercontinental Champion, and Langston takes a page out of Mick Foley’s book, getting the cheap pops.

Backstage – AJ Lee is giving her team some kind of a pep talk. Kaitlyn reminds her that she’s not been very nice to any of them. AJ tries to remind them what tonight is all about.

divas match

Naomi and Fox start the match, and it doesn’t take long for Naomi to score the first elimination with a split-legged moonsault. Rosa comes in and the Funkadactyls work her over. That doesn’t last long and Rosa eliminates her after throwing her face-first into the turnbuckles I think. Nikki comes in and hits Rosa with the X-Factor to eliminate her. Rae comes in and they try a dance-off. When she does the splits Nikki dropkicks her in the face to eliminate her. Eva and Kaitlyn come in and Kaitlyn hits a gutbuster to eliminate her. Naomi comes in and NXT Season 3 explodes! Kaitlyn hits Naomi with the gutbuster to eliminate her as well, and it’s 4-4. Brie comes in and sidesteps a Spear. She goes up top and hits a missile dropkick to eliminate Kaitlyn. Aksana comes in and Brie dropkicks her right in the face. AJ takes a cheap shot from the apron and Aksana hits a spinebuster to get the pin on Brie. It’s 3-3 now. Nikki comes in and hits Shock Treatment to eliminate Aksana. Tamina comes in and dominates Nikki. JoJo tags in, and I believe this is her first official match. Tamina smells blood in the water. JoJo shows some fire and almost pins Tamina with a schoolgirl rollup. Tamina cuts her off with a big clothesline. She follows with a Samoan Drop and AJ asks for the tag. AJ skips around the ring and scores the pin. Natalya comes in and they’re calling her the last member of her team but I don’t recall Nikki being eliminated. Tamina slams Natalya down and goes up top. She misses the Superfly Splash and Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter for the submission. AJ and Natalya are left and Natalya are the only two left and Natalya quickly locks on the Sharpshooter to get the win!

WINNERS – Team Total Divas (Survivors Natalya and Nikki Bella)

Backstage – WWE Champion Randy Orton tries to curry favor with referee Charles Robinson, who sides with The Authority.

TLC is in three weeks, December 15, from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Cole, King, and JBL run down the Kickoff show, and send it over to the Kickoff panel for their thoughts on the show so far. Before they can say much of anything, they get interrupted by Ryback, who issues an open challenge. MARK HENRY answers the call, making his return for the first time since August.

Henry is showing some signs of ring rust, as Ryback dominates the opening minutes. Ryback hits a vertical suplex with little trouble, but then misses a charge int the corner, hitting the post and falling to the floor. Back in the ring Ryback goes to the knee and tries to keep Henry on the mat. Henry tries the World’s Strongest Slam but Ryback slips out and hits a spinebuster. The straps come down. He charges into the corner and Henry hits a cross body! Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam to get the pin.

WINNER – Mark Henry

They kick it back to the Kickoff panel, and they talk about the show so far. They talk about Cena versus Del Rio and transition into the video package.

cena v del rio

Cena has been the Champion since 10.27.13, and this is his second defense. He is 7-1 in Survivor Series matches. Del Rio scores the first knockdown, and continues to control the early going. Cena has gotten almost no offense in the first five minutes. Del Rio wisely focuses on the injured arm, working Cena over both in and out of the ring. He whips Cena into the steel ring steps. Del Rio controls some more. Cena almost makes the comeback but Del Rio cuts him off with the backstabber. Finally Cena lands a dropkick and then hits the Proto-Plex. He signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Del Rio kicks him in the head and then hits a DDT for two. Cena hits another Proto-Plex and this time lands the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He tries the AA but Del Rio counters with a German Suplex for two. Del Rio misses the step-up enziguiri and Cena hits a tornado DDT for two. Cena goes up top and this time Del Rio hits the enziguiri but only gets two. Del Rio misses a charge in the corner and Cena goes back up and hits the Cena Slice. That gets a two-count. Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. He goes for the Cross Armbreaker and Cena counters to the STF. Del Rio barely reaches the ropes. He hits the low superkick for two. Del Rio goes for the Cross Ambreaker again but Cena counters with a neckbreaker for two. Cena tries a Cross Body off the top rope but Del Rio rolls through into the Cros Armbreaker. Cena powers Del Rio up for a powerbomb. He hits the Attitude Adjustment to get the pin.

WINNER – John Cena (still World Heavyweight Champion)

Michael Strahan is guest hosting tomorrow night’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Backstage – Santino Marella and R-Truth are playing with action figures. Los Matadores and El Torito come in to watch. Fandango interrupts and wants to dance. John Laurinaitis comes in as well and he wants to play. Truth says he can have winner. Okay then.

The commentators correct themselves from the Divas match, noting that Nikki Bella was also not eliminated, so there were two survivors.

punk bryan v wyatts

Bryan and Rowan start the match. Bray Wyatt of course watches on from his rocking chair at ringside. Rowan and Harper dominate Punk and Bryan early on with their power advantage. Bryan and Punk try to double-team Rowan but he actually suplexes both of them at the same time. The Best and The Beard continue working together and are able to inflict some punishment. Rowan comes back and makes the tag. Punk and Bryan work together on Harper, showing impressive chemistry as a team. Rowan distracts Punk, allowing Harper to kick his head off for a two-count. The Wyatts work Punk over for a while before he can make the hot tag. Bryan is a house afire, sending Harper to the floor and following him out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Bryan hits a missile dropkick for two. They fight up on the top rope and Harper powerbombs Bryan down! Punk breaks up that cover. Rowan drops Punk hard to the floor. After several minutes of abuse Bryan is able to make the hot tag. Punk is rolling here. He goes up top and instead of jumping onto Harper he takes out Rowan and Wyatt on the floor. Back in the ring Punk hits Harper with a neckbreaker. Punk goes up top and hits Hail to the King for two. He tries Go 2 Sleep but Rowan breaks it up. Bryan takes Rowan out with The Knee That Beat John Cena. Punk then hits Harper with Go 2 Sleep to get the pin.

WINNERS – CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

The Miz stars in ABC Family’s “Christmas Bounty,” debuting this Tuesday night.

Backstage – World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is talking with the Authority when WWE Champion Randy Orton busts in. Cena bails without a confrontation. Then nothing happens.

orton v show

Orton does his best to avoid Show in the early going. A noticable “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out as Show dominates the Champion. Orton fights back with a dropkick. He uses a sleeper and the crowd chants “boring.” Show comes back and tries the Chokeslam so Orton bails. Show follows him and whips him into the steel steps. Back in the ring Show starts climbing to the top rope but Orton stops him with kicks to the face. Orton then hits a DDT. HE goes for the RKO but Show counters and hits the Chokeslam for two. Show signals for the KO Punch so Orton bails again. Orton is able to send Show into the steel post. The referee was knocked out somehow and Orton takes advantage by trying to use a steel chair. Show stops him and throws Orton into the crowd. He delivers the KO Punch but they’re outside the ring. Show throws Orton back to the ring, and that brings out Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kane. That gives Orton the chance to hit the RKO. The crowd chants “Daniel Bryan” again. Orton delivers the Punt Kick to get the pin.

WINNER – Randy Orton (still WWE Champion)

John Cena’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out. Cena holds up his title, Orton holds up his.

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