Teen Titans #25 Spoilers: What Is Kid Flash’s Secret Origin Future Crime & What’s Next For Secret Superboy? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Spoilers follow.

Teen Titans #25 begins the DC Comics New 52 effort of revealing who Kid Flash is. We know he is from the future and seemingly is a wanted fugitive? So, what did he do? Well, we appear to learn that in Teen Titans #25.

However, that costume of “future” Kid Flash appears to sport pre-DC Comics New 52 villain Inertia (a reverse Kid Flash in the old continuity who was a clone of Bart Allen) who also went by the name Kid Zoom for a nanosecond (see the pre-New 52 incarnations below).

The issue ends with a tease of what’s next for Jon Lane Kent, the villainous offspring of Superman and Lois Lane from the future as revealed in the recent Teen Titans Annual #2 which was a story begun in the WTF Certified issue of Superboy #19 (spoilers for both issues are here).

Fun times ahead for DC Comics teen heroes.

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