Last Week In Wrestling History #9 (Survivor Series, Star Wars, Starrcade)

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Did you really want to know what happened in wrestling history during the week 25th November – 1st December?

Keep reading and you may very well find out.

Major Events:

1986 – The NWA’s Starrcade event occurred in two venues at once – Charlotte, North Carolina and Greensboro, North Carolina. Splitting their core audience over two venues turned out not to be best of ideas.

1986 – The WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars takes place. That has to be the best title for a wrestling event in history. Shame every match in the card probably featured a Von Erich.

1988 – The first Survivor Series happened. It had all these cool big team matches and everything.


2002 – The World Wrestling All-Stars went to Ireland for their famous Odyssey show. It likely had a weird main event like Psychosis vs Norman Smiley.

Title Changes:

1942 – Bobby Managoff defeated Yvon Robert for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title. In this case NWA stood for National Wrestling Association, not the more famous crappy one that you know of.

1970 – El Solitario defeated Rey Mendoza for the EMLL Light Heavyweight title. One to look for on Youtube apparently.


1980 – John Paul Jones & The Masked Superstar defeated Ray Jay Stevens & Jimmy Not Yet Fly Snuka for the NWCCWA World Tag Team title.

Career points:

1986 – Tully Blanchard defeated Dusty Rhodes for the NWA Television title. On television.


1991 – The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight title. Hogan won the title back six days later. Good job, Hogan!

1992 – The Rock N Roll Express defeated the Heavenly Bodies for the Smokey Mountain Tag Team title. Because Cornette said so. And because Smokey Mountain had to other tag teams.

1993 – The long since forgotten tag-team “PG-13? defeated Jeff Jarrett & Brian Christopher for the USWA Tag Team title. Ironically, the match was only given a “U” certificate for home video release.

Fun Fact:



There might be more stuff soon…maybe. Probably a roundtable. Or perhaps something about Halloween Havoc 92, since certain people are too scared to watch it.

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