WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 12/9/13: The 2013 Slammy Awards

It is the last RAW before TLC. So naturally, instead of promoting the PPV, the WWE is hyping up the Slammy Awards! An event that is usually one of the worst RAWs of the year. I will do my best to make this entertaining for you all.

Starting With Wrestling!

After Michael Cole told us how to download the WWE App for the millionth time, the show started with Daniel Bryan vs Fandango. The two exchanged some offense before Fandango connected on a suplex followed by some Flair chops. Bryan moved out of the way of Fandango and hit a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Bryan connected on multiple kicks to the back. Bryan ended up tossing Fandango to the outside and hitting his trademark dive. Bryan tossed Fandango into the barricade and hit a dropkick. Back in the ring, Bryan went for a missile dropkick but Fandango countered into a powerbomb for a two count.

Back from break, Bryan was in the middle of his usual comeback and hit a clothesline. Bryan landed a couple kicks to the chest then barely connected on one to the head for two. Bryan hit a dropkick in the corner, but missed on a second attempt. Fandango hit a sit down suplex for two. Fandango missed his leg drop from the top. Bryan then hit his headbutt off the top. Bryan connected on his flying knee to the head for the win.

After the match the Wyatt Family appeared on the screen. Bray said he is getting upset with Bryan’s lack of compliance. He said there are no fairy tales in his world and they are going to hurt him bad. And they will prove Bryan is a monster just like him. He told Bryan to join him as the promo cut away and the crowd chanted NO.

The New Age Outlaws came out to present the LOL Moment of the Year. They were wearing orange and blue suits, just like Bad Influence did on Impact a couple months ago. The picks were The Rock singing about Vickie, Vickie getting fired, Santino’s Cobra getting snake charmed and Titus O’Neil puking. The Rock Concert won, but Vickie came out to take the award.

Damien Sandow vs Santino. Sandow dominated early. He hit the Elbow of Disdain for two. Sandow applied a headlock, but Santino escaped with a backdrop. He hit a hip toss followed by his headbutt. He went for the Cobra but Sandow hit a leg sweep. Sandow connected on the You’re Welcome for the win. After the match Big E came in and held up the IC Title in front of Sandow.

The Shield came out to announce Double Cross of the Year. At one point, Reigns was interrupted by Ambrose, again hinting at a breakup down the line. The nominees were: Mark Henry’s Fake Retirement, HBK super kicking Bryan, Triple pedigreeing Bryan, and Heyman turning on Punk. Shawn Michaels won. HBK said it was an injustice that he only won this award four years after retiring.

So Miz Is A Heel? Or A Face?

Miz vs Kofi Kingston. Kofi started with some  quick offense. He hit a dropkick followed by a spinning heel kick. Kofi then hit a couple kicks to the chest. Kofi pushed Miz into the ropes and went for Trouble in Paradise, but Miz bailed. Miz started walking up the ramp but Kofi stopped him. Kofi tossed Miz into the barricade, then back in the ring hit a springboard clothesline. Kofi rolled up Miz and got a two count. Miz pushed Kofi head first into the turnbuckle, then rolled up Kofi and held the tights to pick up the win. After the match, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise.

Eve Torres came out to present Diva of the Year. The Bellas one, and the crowd booed.

Keep Up The Wrestling!

Eight man tag: Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs The Real Americans, Curtis Axel and Ryback. Mysterio went for an early 619 on Ryback but he escaped. Rey tagged in Big Show. Show tossed Ryback into the corner then hit his chest slap. Goldust came in and hit an elbow. Back from commercial, Cesaro and Mysterio were in the ring. Rey hit a hurricarrana and tagged in Goldust. Goldust got caught with a kick and Swagger came in. Goldust connected on his uppercut. But Cesaro distracted Goldust and Swagger hit a chop block. Cesaro tagged in and hit a clothesline on the outside. The heels took their turns working over Goldust. Cesaro hit the Cesaro Stomp on him. Goldust escaped a headlock and hit a powerslam on Cesaro. But Cesaro tagged in Swagger to stop it. Goldust landed some punches but Cesaro tagged back in. Goldust hit a double DDT on both men and made the hot tag to Cody Rhodes. Curtis Axel was tagged in as well. Cody hit a missile dropkick followed by his moonsault. Big Show took out Ryback and The Real Americans with spears. Cody hit a Disaster Kick, then tagged in Rey who hit the 619 and the dive for the win.

Shawn Michaels came out to present Superstar of the Year. Daniel Bryan won. He said if it wasn’t for HBK, he wouldn’t be in the WWE. But he would also be WWE Champ if it wasn’t for him. Bryan said 2014 is going to be even better and Go Seahawks!

This Sin Cara Has Had Quality Matches Two Weeks In A Row!

Sin Cara vs Alberto del Rio. Sin Cara connected with an early crossbody and some ground punches. The ref backed him off and Del Rio was able to hit a kick followed by a suplex. Sin Cara cameback with a hurricarrana followed by a dropkick while he was on the apron. Sin Cara went to the top but Del Rio rolled back to the outside into commercial. Del Rio had control back from break. He landed some headbutts but ran into a Sin Cara elbow followed by a dropkick for two. Del Rio came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sin Cara rolled to the outside, but Del Rio tossed him into the barricade. Del Rio went back to a headlock in the ring. Del Rio then countered a pin attempt with a sit down dropkick for two. Sin Cara moved out of the way of a charge and hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT followed by a hurricarrana. He hit a springboard elbow for two. But Sin Cara hesitated and Del Rio hit his armdrop. Sin Cara countered the cross armbreaker attempt with a backdrop. Sin Cara went to the top, but Del Rio crotched him. Sin Cara hit a reverse powerbomb off the ropes followed by a Swanton for the win.

Daniel Bryan won the Fan Interaction Slammy for the YES Chant.

Xaiver Woods vs Brodus Clay. Woods caught Clay with a quick dropkick and then landed some punches in the corner. Clay then caught Woods and hit a hard looking powerbomb, followed by a splash off the second rope for the win. Clay then attacked Woods after the match as Tensai pulled him off.

Stephanie won Insult of the Year for her BAStar like promo on Big Show.

A Rematch From Smackdown People Want To See

CM Punk vs Dean Ambrose. Punk started with an armbar followed by a shoulder tackle. Ambrose came back with a shoulder tackle of his own, but Punk came right back with a hip toss into an armbar. Ambrose escaped an armbar but ran right into a Punk elbow. Ambrose countered a crossbody by Punk with a knee to the ribs. Ambrose connected on a headbutt followed by a shot to the ribs in the corner. Ambrose tossed Punk into the corner again and landed another shot to the ribs. Ambrose went for another spear in the corner but Punk moved. Punk went for a GTS but Ambrose escaped. Punk knocked Ambrose off the apron then hit a dive to the outside.

Ambrose went to a sleeper hold back from break. Punk escaped with a backdrop and the two men exchanged punches. Ambrose got the better of Punk with a shot to the ribs. But Punk was able to hit the swinging neckbreaker. Punk connected on the running knee followed by a clothesline. Punk connected on the Macho Man Elbow for two. Punk went for a GTS but Ambrose escaped with some punches to the ribs, then hit a suplex. Both men went to the top. Punk knocked off Ambrose and hit a crossbody, but Ambrose rolled through into the pin and got a two. Punk connected on a kick to the head. Ambrose recovered and tossed Punk to the outside, where Rollins and Reigns were waiting. Ambrose then yelled at Rollins and Reigns. They both ended up leaving ringside. Back in the ring, both men countered the others finishers. But Punk finally hit the GTS to pick up the win.

After the match Rollins came back to ringside and distracted Punk, allowing Reigns to hit a Spear.

CM Punk won Extreme Moment of the Year for taking out Paul Heyman at Hell In A Cell.

Luke Harper and Erik Rowan vs The Usos. Jimmy and Jey hit a double dive onto Rowan and Harper on the outside into another quick commercial. Back from break Harper had a headlock applied on Jey Uso. Rowan came in and hit a back toss, but Jey escaped a splash attempt in the corner. Jimmy got the hot tag and hit a Samoan Drop on Harper. Harper, however, was able to drop Jimmy on the second rope. Jimmy caught Harper with a kick then splash off the top, but Rowan broke up the pin. He then tossed Jey on to the announce table. Jimmy caught him with a crescent kick, but Harper caught Jimmy with his finishing clothesline for the win.

John Cena vs The Rock from Wrestlemania won Match of the Year. I can probably name about 40 matches better.

Tamina defeated Natalya.

Well, That Escalated Quickly

All of the former Champions on the roster were in the ring for the Championship Ascension, including the presenters from tonight’s Slammys. Triple H talked about how we are all part of history as the crowd erupted into a loud Daniel Bryan chant, followed by a YES Chant. HHH said that is a lot of family to have in one building and he should have known because they look just like him. HHH went back to his speech. He said two Champions will compete but only one will leave the Champion of Champions. Orton and Cena came out, both to tepid reactions. HHH asked both men to hand over their Titles. Orton said he knows what Cena is and isn’t capable of. Orton said Cena will regret not putting him in the hospital last week. Orton said he did not get lazy. He said since he is that much better than his peers he just lacked motivation. The crowd chanted Daniel Bryan again followed by Boring. Orton said Cena will fail again this Sunday. Orton said he took years of Foley and HBK’s careers and would have left Bret Hart lying unconscious in the ring at Montreal. Orton said everything will come crashing down around Cena.

Cena said Orton mentioned the word work. Cena went to Bryan and asked him if he has had to work for everything he got, which he said Yes. Cena was trying to deflect heat off him with that. Cena said Orton was handed everything. When he first came into the WWE, he was sheltered by HHH. Cena said Orton has had behavior problems in and out of the ring. This Sunday will change the course of the WWE. Cena said Orton wants to win so he can become what he was meant to be ten five years ago. Cena said everyone doubted Punk and Bryan’s Title reigns, but they worked out. Cena said this Sunday he will be at his very best and hopes Orton will too, so we don’t have to deal with another Orton excuse. They shook hands, but Orton attacked Cena.

Everyone in the ring separated them. Orton knocked Punk down, so Punk then went after Orton. Triple H shoved Punk away. Punk became pissed and went after HHH. Suddenly, HBK hit Sweet Chin Music on Punk. Bryan came from the corner  and hit the running knee on HBK. Orton went for an RKO on Bryan, but he shoved Orton away and he knocked Steph down. HHH suddenly hit the Pedigree on Orton in frustration. HHH, Kane and Cena tended to Steph as Orton looked up at them to close the show.


Closing Segment: Well, where to begin with that segment. First off it was great to see Daniel Bryan get recognized. I believe that would have happened even if it wasn’t in his hometown area. Cena may have leached off him a little bit, but he cut a damn fine promo as well. Then that ending. My goodness. There is so much to talk about after it. So many seeds were planted down the line. Possible match-ups including Punk/HHH, Punk/Orton, Bryan/HBK, and even a Punk and Bryan/D-X tag match. Yeah, I’m suppose to care about the PPV this Sunday. But that segment left a lot of intrigue and will definitely be talked about in the coming weeks.

Punk/Ambrose: Would you expect anything less from these two? Solid wrestling match between two ring generals who know what they are doing out there.

Eight Man Tag: It may not have been as long as other multi-man tag matches but it was still a lot of good action.

Sin Cara/Alberto del Rio: If they had only kept Hunico under the Sin Cara mask before, maybe the character would be higher up the card then it is. But it looks like the WWE is willing to get behind Hunico under the mask and maybe, just maybe, Sin Cara the character has new life.

Solid Wrestling Throughout: There was a lot of good wrestling on tonight’s show. And I will never complain about that at all.


Slammy Set-Up: Maybe it is just the communication major in me, but I didn’t like how the WWE did the Slammys. Announce nominees, random entrance, commercial, give award. Just didn’t add up for me.

You know, this was a pretty decent episode of RAW. And I am usually more negative than positive. I didn’t think there were too many terrible moments on the show. The build to TLC could have been a little better, but the future foreshadowing  in that final segment left a lot of people clamoring for Wrestlemania season. If the WWE can get through TLC without any stupidity, they could have a couple fun months ahead. I’m giving the show a 7.

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