Agon Wrestling Championships 2 Results – Max Askren Continues To Show The Askren Funk Dominance As All Four Matchups Turn Into Routs

On paper it looked like a series of well placed matchups for Agon 2 in Flint, MI. What wound up was a card filled with dominant wins en masse.

We had full coverage of the four match card here, of
, and you can check it out by clicking there.

Full results:
Max Askren vs. Sam Wendlend – Askren 21, Wendlend 10
Andy Simmons vs. Kellen Russell – Russell 9, Simmons 0
Ben Bennett vs. Cam Simaz – Simaz 16, Bennett 4
Brent Metcalf vs. Chris Bono – Metcalf 19, Bono 0