UFC 168 Live Results and Play by Play – William Macario vs. Bobby Voelker

Welcome fight fights to our UFC 168 live play by play and results. For this last fight card of the year we’re going to try and do something different by giving each fight its own blog post, to make it easier to read and follow.

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William Macario vs. Bobby Voelker

Round 1: Voelker comes out throwing as the Brazilian is the crowd favorite. Macario with a nice body shot and he’s starting to land some nice strikes. Voelker is backing off from the Brazilian’s right hand. Voelker is a little bloody and is eating some shots now. Big elbow and a knee and Macario with some good body work. He’s being patient and is looking to find a spot. Voelker is eating a lot of body shots right now as Macario is looking to wear that down. He’s starting to find his range and lands a big right. Some knees and Macario grabs the clinch. He’s starting to swarm right now as Voelker is eating some shots. Voelker is throwing big shots to keep him at bay but Macario level changes and gets the takedown. Voelker back up but the statement was made. Voelker is looking to land something big but everything he throws is being slipped away from right now. Voelker with some nice shots towards the end but he’s not landing a lot of them. 10-9 Macario

Round 2: Voelker comes out more aggressive and he’s throwing more but he’s not landing more. Macario is doing a fabulous job at making him miss. This is beautiful from him right now as his head movement is something special. Voelker is about a step slower and he’s eating some shots for it. Voelker is eating jabs to try and throw something big but he’s no where fast enough to do it. Macario with a nice double but Voelker is up pretty quickly. Voelker is being aggressive still but he’s eating a ton of counters right now while getting his punches slipped. Nice short elbow as Voelker is bleeding now. Macario with a big surge as Voelker is eating some shots right now. Macario is dismantling him right now with shots. This isn’t quite close to being stopped as Macario hasn’t hit that kill shot yet. He’s making eat elbows like they’re what for breakfast.

Break at 3:57 of the 2nd for a doctor’s break. He’s good to go and we get a restart. Voelker is pushing forward once more and eating counter shots right now. Voelker is also bleeding like a geyser right now. Round ends as Macario gets a takedown to end the second. 10-9 Macario, 20-18

Round 3: Voelker goes for broke right to start the round as he’s bleeding something fierce now. He’s fighting urgently but not quite desperately yet. Macario tags him and Voelker is trying but isn’t in the same league as the Brazilian. He goes for a double from wide away and it’s easily defended. Macario’s peroxied hair is dyed red now. Voelker is throwing wild but isn’t landing anything. Eyepoke and we get a quick break.

Macario is starting to tee off again, throwing a nice spinning elbow. Voelker is pushing forward but he can’t land anything. He gets a double leg for the takedown but Voelker is right back up. He spends the rest of the round staying on the outside, casually out landing Voelker. 10-9 Macario, 30-27

Official decision: Macario wins via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

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