Castle Quick Shot – 6×13 – ‘Limelight’


Where can I get a pair of Beckett’s bike pajamas?

That’s is really the only pressing question on my mind after this week’s Castle.

Don’t me wrong, the episode posed number of interesting issues (and solved a few) – Kate’s coming to terms with Castle’s fame, Alexis’ realization that Pi may not be the guy for her – but nearly all of it was coated in cliched Mandy mystery which was, fittingly, a not-so-hot mess.

There were a few key problems:

Think about Miley Cyrus for a second. Think about how much you never want to see her riding that godforsaken wrecking ball ever again. Or hear the word Twerk. So, then why would we want a pseudo-Miley popping up during an episode of Castle? This entire episode hinged on the assumption that fans would feel an ounce of sympathy for this girl, but the truth is, no one cares about Miley, just like no one cared about Mandy. Did I lose you Miley fans? #SorryI’mNotSorry.

Castle and Beckett are usually the fallback when a mystery falls flat. The promise of the first scene was that Beckett would come face-to-face with the struggle of being engaged to someone in the public eye. While the episode touched on it – her minor annoyance at Castle not denying the reporter’s rumours, Espo and Ryan mocking her, and fielding a call from her very confused Dad, that was all we got – touches of it. The end result with Beckett placing the engagement announcement in the paper was a sweet development (so many FEELS), but she’s been built up as such a private person over the years that a gesture like that – a major turn for her character – deserved to be explored so much more than poor, sad little Mandy.

But of course, it is Castle, and there are always things to love:

Alexis’ return. Her character has the fanbase divided this year, but Molly Quinn is irresistible on screen and added a much-needed dose of humour to the otherwise predictable plot. It’s was nice to see Pi only so much as it was nice to hear that Alexis was no longer into Pi. Best line of the night was Mandy referencing Alexis’ ‘Grandma scarf’, though I felt strangely offended for Martha. (This has nothing to do with the fact that I, too, may own that scarf.)

Espo and Ryan teasing Beckett about Castle’s love life, then poking in while the two shared an embrace. The relationship between the four is really what makes this show special and the moment was too goofy and genuine to not love, however short.

How much do you love that Castle is still gunning for that wedding in space? I would rather see a wedding in space than a wedding at City Hall (as hinted last week)– just saying.

The show-opening Caskett scene – with the two enjoying their morning with some coffee and tabloid trash – was precious. Fans are always demanding a return to the sexy scenes between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, but often miss the best part of their chemistry – it’s evolved. There’s beauty in the ease these characters have with each other now, when you consider how far they’ve come to earn it. They don’t need to overdo it with big displays of PDA to mark their love, we just sort of know it’s there. Some may say they are void of passion, but I wouldn’t wear my best bicycle pajamas in front of just anyone.

No but really, where do I get a pair?

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