My Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.17.14 (Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton – No DQ/Triple H & Daniel Bryan Face Off)

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1. The backlash about how “Triple H always finds a way into the main event” is bound to be ridiculous. Maybe, just maybe, Triple H is trying to garner as much as heat as possible for himself and by extension, a massive babyface reaction for Daniel Bryan? The crowd should already be solidly in Bryan’s corner but where’s the harm in ensuring that fact a little bit more?

2. Thank the wrestling gods that Batista is a heel again though. And not just any heel but his “better than thou, Hollywood-elite persona” which was just perfect before he left in 2010. The shoot comments from Orton about Batista’s return “flopping” could turn out to be false if his heel momentum picks up the way it was before he left.

3. When Hulk Hogan first announced the “Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal”, I assumed this was a way to get a bunch of talent a WrestleMania payday & the obvious winner would be The Big Show. This would not only give Show a nice WrestleMania moment but also pay homage to Andre’s legacy of being dominant in battle royals because of his size. Now it may be anyone’s ballgame & might give someone an instant push. They are really attempting to build this match into something special and prestigious so I can only imagine that the winner would be in a great position for a big push.

4. So The Real Americans are all fine and dandy now? We all thought that Cesaro was being polished for MUCH bigger things once he moved on from Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger but now it seems as if they’re the number one contenders for the tag team titles. More often than not I wish that NXT was Raw.

5. Being 2nd generation Irish & a wrestling fan, I always cringe whenever St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Not because of all the sloppy drunks that want to “celebrate” but because I KNOW I’m going to be dealing with some horrible skits on Raw, usually featuring Hornswoggle, Finlay or Sheamus. Well I got two out of three for my “enjoyment”. Titus O’Neill was definitely over the top but it could have been a helluva lot worse, I guess.

6. John Cena and Bray Wyatt is playing out exactly as expected. I’m glad they steered Cena away from joking around with the Wyatt character and instead react to Wyatt the way people used to react to the early days of The Undertaker. The difference here is that Wyatt’s promos are so damn good (and completely spot on) that incredible to think that he writes most of them himself. Their match at WrestleMania should be decent but the build is definitely fun. Hey now that they’re using an Eminem song for WrestleMania, maybe he’ll play Cena down to the ring just like Mark Crozer is planned to play Wyatt down.

7. I hate it when the “main event” takes place in the middle of the show but there’s no denying this was a damn fun fight. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, no matter how many times they wrestle, just have the right chemistry to make for an interesting match. Also, it’s always fun to hear Randy Orton go off on a fan on live TV.

8. The Shield pulled off one of the most literal babyface turns I’ve ever seen. They were intimidating Jerry Lawler only to slowly turn to face and subsequently attack Kane. Obviously they’ve taken a giant step back from splitting The Shield to have a match at WrestleMania only to have ALL of them turn babyface & become the newest addition to the anti-authority movement. I know I didn’t see it coming (at least not with Dean Ambrose involved) but I’m looking forward to what they have planned for them. I just hope they’re not lumped into the battle royal as they deserve so much better in April.

9. Well Dolph Ziggler has completely given up. I noticed in a WWE App interview that he was letting the dye job grow out and randomly had braids in his hair all the while rambling on about being in the WrestleMania battle royal. There’s been talk and talk and talk about teaming mid-level guys who used to be main eventers into a stable. Guys like The Miz, Ziggler and Zack Ryder have all been mentioned but is that really the way to go? To emphasize how badly these men have been booked lately (or not booked at all)? I don’t know what they have planned but as of right now, Dolph Ziggler is looking more and more like CJ Parker than the former World Heavyweight Champion that had one of the most popular Money In The Bank cash-ins in recent history.

10. Damn that last segment was fantastic & garnered nuclear heat on Triple H. HHH played his part perfectly here – from the beaten down husband who has been pushed to the edge & has learned to respect Daniel Bryan to the corrupt, dangerous boss – who gets as violently as WWE PG allows him to get. In only 3 weeks or so, Daniel Bryan went from being a part of the Wyatt Family to he and Triple H becoming the main event program for WrestleMania XXX. One might even think that CM Punk bowed out of the picture so this may all play out…

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