Bellator 120 – Live Results and Play by Play

We’ll have the live results and full PBP of the main card on PPV. Please bookmark this page and refresh for live updates.

Preliminary Card Results:
Cortez Phelia (2-0) vs. Brian Hall (7-2) – Brian Hall def. Cortez Phelia via third-round KO (0:24)
Anthony Lemon (2-3) vs. Codie Shuffield (4-0) – Codie Shuffield def. Anthony Lemon via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 2:15
Ben Brewer (6-1) vs. Andy Uhrich (8-4) – Brewer via TKO at 2:39 of the second round
Justin Frazier (6-1) vs. Mike Wessel (13-7) – Wessel via TKO at 4:28 of the first round
Zach Underwood (12-5) vs. Austin Lyons (10-3) – Austin Lyons via technical unanimous decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
Goiti Yamauchi (16-2) vs. Mike Richman (16-4) – Yamauchi via unanimous decision
Shahbulat Shamhalaev (12-2) vs. Fabricio Guerreiro (19-3) – Fabricio Guerreiro def. Shahbulat Shamhalaev via submission (kimura) (R1, 3:29)
Marcin Held (18-3) vs. Nate Jolly (13-5) – Held via submission (arm bar), first round
Cheick Kongo (20-9) vs. Eric Smith (6-1-1) – Kongo via TKO, 4:35 of the second round

Main Card:

Michael Page (5-0) vs. Ricky Rainey (7-2)

Round 1: Page comes out on his heels, looking to set up something spectacular off a counter. Rainey chases him down and is running to get into the clinch but he’s chasing but not cutting off the cage. Page is landing nicely as Rainey is getting lit up right now. He’s looking away, totally clowning him right now. Rainey is reaching and chasing, not playing the angles, as Page is landing a lot. Rainey finally grabs a body lock and clinches against the cage but can’t hold him there. Page is showboating so much he’s lost the crowd a little bit. Rainey gets the body lock again at the two minute mark and not much is happening. He tries to drag him down but Page blocks and we’re back standing, back in the same spot. Page backs out and we’re back to the middle. Jumping knee lands and it’s followed up with a spinning back fist. Page wants the beautiful KO and is lining up something big. He wants a Sports center highlight and Rainey is trying to close distance. Big right and Rainey goes down, one punch knockout. Page via KO at 4:30 of the first round.

Round 2:

Blagoi Ivanov (11-0) vs. Alexander Volkov (20-4)

Round 1: Ivanov works his way down and gets deep inside on a single against the cage. He can’t finish and winds up working a clinch game with some hand fighting. Not a lot of action as both guys are jockeying for position. Volkov gets some space and lands to the body but Ivanov shoots the gap. Big right from Ivanov during a split and he’s back into the clinch. Space and Volkov with a nice knee, back to the clinch. Volkov finally circles out and we’re back to the middle with 75 seconds left. Volkov is punching the jab, using that ridiculous length advantage to keep him at bay. Ivanov tries to work his way inside but can’t, not much action to finish up the round. Volkov 10-9

Round 2: Volkov comes out, using his distance to keep Ivanov at bay. Volkov is using his length much better to start, keeping Ivanov from getting the clinch early, and we’re back against the cage 40 seconds in. Ivanov drags him to the ground slips out, grabs back and the RNC. Ivanov taps! Alexander Volkov wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:08 of the second round

Alexander Shlemenko (50-7) vs. Tito Ortiz (16-11-1)

Round 1: Oh wow Ortiz looks significantly bigger than the Russian. He looks 2-3 weight classes bigger. Tito is looking for that takedown but isn’t going for it. He tries the body clinch and Shlemenko shrugs it off. Tito looks terrible right now. He hasn’t fought in some time and looks extremely rusty. We’re against the cage 90 seconds in and not much is happening. Tito gets the takedown and grabs the back, looking to work a spiral ride and he grabs a head arm triangle. Shlemenko goes out and Tito Ortiz gets his first win in a Bellator cage. Gravedigger dance comes out of mothballs, too.

Tito Ortiz via technical submission at 2:30 of the first round.

Michael Chandler (12-1) vs. Will Brooks (13-1)

Round 1: Chandler comes out looking to throw hands and get the takedown and 20 seconds in he’s on top, Brooks in guard. Brooks is angling for a standup as Chandler is looking to land ground and pound. Not much is happening as Brooks is trying to work a butterfly guard and CHandler is doing his best to keep top control and land strikes form top. Brooks back up and Chandler is pressing the pace again. Very aggressive as Brooks is being tentative, looking to keep him on the outside. Chandler tries to work a takedown and Brooks defends well, we’re against the cage as Chandler is looking to work a takedown off it. Chandler gets in and takes him skyward for the slam, lands in guard against the cage. Brooks is doing a good job at keeping Chandler from landing anything big to his head, as Chandler is landing to the body as Brooks is looking for the tie up and to roll into an armbar off his back. Chandler with some elbows as the round ends. Chandler 10-9

Round 2: Chandler throwing wild and then in on double, Brooks against the cage, working for the takedown. Brooks is starting to counter more but Chandler gets the takedown 90 seconds i. Rights to the body as Brooks is seating against the cage, legs grapevined. Brooks is using butterfly guard to try and get Chandler off but Chandler’s balance is very good as he moves to half guard after some balancing. This is a grappling chess match right now; Chandler isn’t landing much as he’s looking for mount. He gets it but goes too high and we’re back up, Brooks gets the takedown and grabs back. Brooks has back and Chandler explodes to grab top. That might’ve been Brooks’s shot at pulling off the win. Round ends with Chandler on top. 10-9 Chandler, 20-18

Round 3: Brooks is starting to get it together now as Chandler goes for the double and comes up empty. Chandler goes for a headlock throw and Brooks casually moves to grab back. Brooks loses it and we’re back to the middle. Wild scramble as Brooks is on a double and gets the takedown. Chandler gives up back and Brooks has the hooks in. Chandler is trying to turn and explode as Brooks has plenty of time and a body triangle. He’s got it pinned against the cage and Chandler is eating some punishment. Chandler rolls is stomach and is eating some shots. What a turn of events. He’s bleeding and Brooks is viciously attacking him. Chandler is eating some shots, including some short elbows, and eventually powers out. Chandler is staying away as Brooks has got some confidence now. Brooks goes for a double and doesn’t get it, front headlock takedown and he’s on back again. Chandler is truing survive now and he’s back up. Some big shots from Brooks land, including a nice head kick. Head kick again and a double connects. Brooks with a body triangle and is landing some big shots. Chandler is looking for the clock with 10 seconds left. Round ends this way. 10-9 Brooks, 29-28 Chandler

Round 4: Brooks looks fresh right now and CHandler looks like hi gas tank is close to empty. Brooks has a swagger right now, like he’s going to take this fight. Chandler is starting to land some big shots but he stands straight up and a brilliant level change from Brooks and Chandler is on his back. Stomach roll and Brooks has the body triangle; he’s continually giving up position and Brooks is grabbing his back like he knows what he’ll do. Jimmy Smith is doing an excellent job explaining this, as well. Chandler manages to roll out and he’s on top now. Brooks is trying to get a standup but Chandler’s doing a great job at staying on top. We get a standup with 90 seconds left. Brooks lands some big shots and Chandler in, can’t get the takedown. Brooks lands an illegal knee in the clinch and Chandler gets time to recover. He’s good to go after about a minute and it’s back on.

Brooks is working some nice kicks and landing strongly. He’s no longer worried about throwing a kick and getting taken down. Chandler dives low and Brooks casually steps around, hooks in and nearly has the RNC. Time runs out before he can finish it. 10-9 Brooks, 38-38

Very close round … I can see it going Chandler’s way BUT that last minute could’ve given it to Brooks. Very curious to see how it’s scored if we go to decision.

Round 5: Brooks opens up with a head kick and looking to counter. Chandler in on the takedown try and can’t finish it. Brooks has figured out Chandler’s shooting tells and is working underhooks beautifully to keep it standing. Brooks is looking for counters and to level change when Chandler goes wild. CHandler in on a double and can’t finish it, we’re up against the cage and Brooks goes to the mat but Chandler can’t complete it. CHandler with the slip but Brooks can’t land knees as Chandler is grounded. Chandler’s throwing wild and Brooks takes him down, grabs back and has the hooks in. Chandler defends it well and in deep on a single. Both on the ground and we’ve got two minutes left. Not much as Brooks wall wacks his back up. Chandler’s working an ankle pick but Brooks is up and out. Minute left and Chandler lands a big left, Chandler dives and grabs a head arm triangle. 40 seconds left and Brooks is looking to survive right now. Brooks is out with 20 seconds left, Chandler’s in mount. 10 seconds and Chandler is grinding it out. 10-9 Chandler, 48-47

Very curious to see how this fight is going to be scored.

Official decision: Will Brooks via split decision (48-46, 47-48, 48-47)

The scorecards have been corrected … even more interesting.

Quinton Jackson (34-11) vs. Muhammed Lawal (12-3, 1NC)

Round 1: Mo with a takedown in the opening seconds and Rampage in full guard. Rampage is looking to work his way up but Mo’s top position is stellar so far. Passes to side control and Mo looks really good so far. Rampage back standing but Mo working that takedown some more. Rampage is starting to use underhooks more but Mo’s adjusting by grabbing the ankle. Rampage up and then back down. Mo’s doing a great job with that top position as Rampage can’t get any space. Jackson back down and Rampage is looking to wall walk his way back up. Rampage back standing but I like what Mo’s doing here. He’s using his head to control where Jackson is moving. Rampage manages to power his way back up and is now using a lower stance. He’s looking to punch upwards, keeping his body low so he’s better prepared for the level changes on Mo. Mo’s using his jab and is feinting with that takedown level change. Jackson’s using movement to corner Mo right now as this fight is starting to resemble Jackson/Evans. Lawal so far is using his movement to keep from getting hit. 10-9 Lawal

Round 2: Lawal is starting to work a more boxing oriented game. Jackson is fighting small and making Mo shoot right into his uppercut hand. Jackson with a couple of big left hooks and Mo grabs a body lock. Lawal goes for a single and Jackson uses underhooks to keep him away. Lawal looks really good so far. Rampage is looking to jab and then throw a big uppercut. Rampage is staying behind his jab and working underhooks whenever Mo gets close. Lawal’s fighting HARD for that takedown right now and Jackson is fighting it off. Rampage manages to work his way out and a wild scramble turns into Mo with back against the cage, throwing some knees to the legs. Not much is happening as Mo is using space to keep Rampage from being to throw that left hook. Jackson out and is looking to throw some bombs. Lawal moves his way out and we’re back to the middle. Mo with a nice combination, follows it up with a jumping knee that misses badly. Lawal grabs the takedown with 40 seconds left. Jackson back to his feet and we’re back against the cage. Jackson is looking to land some thing big as Mo’s a little wobbly after an uppercut. 10-9 Lawal, 20-18

Very close round, I can see it going to Rampage though.

Round 3: Lawal’s kind of gassed right now as Rampage is looking to push the pace. Jackson with some big shots as Lawal wants the takedown and Rampage is looking for a KO. Rampage’s boxing is much tighter since the first; he’s using underhooks whenever Lawal gets close and isn’t getting himself into bad spot. Mo with a deep single and Rampage tries to fight it off, takes a while and moves into half guard looking for side control. Lawal’s throwing ground and pound right now as Rampage is looking to stand up. Jackson goes to all four and Mo grabs back off it. RAmpage back to his feet and Lawal can’t get him down. We’re back to the middle and RAmpage is looking for that left hook. Lawal’s hellbent for a takedown with 80 seconds left and he’s in deep against the cage. Final minute and Jackson manages to get off the fence. We’re cage dancing now and we get a split with 40 seconds left. Lawal’s staying on the outside, looking for a counter or a takedown, as Jackson is stalking him down. Couple of nice hooks from Jackson as Lawal backs out as the round ends. 10-9 Lawal, 30-27

Official decision: Quinton Jackson via unanimous decision (29-28×3)