Who Is The Last WWE Hall Of 2022 Inductee Rumored?


Who Is The Last WWE Hall Of 2022 Inductee Rumored?

The current confirmed WWE Hall of Fame 2022 inductees are below:

Earlier the Steiner Brothers were rumored to be going into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside the 61 year old Sidney Eudy ask Sid, Sycho Sid, Sid Justice, Sid Vicious and Lord Humongous among others.

He is described by WWE as follows.

Everyone wants to rule the world. Sid just wanted it more.

One of the most brutal Superstars to ever terrorize WWE, the sadistic Sid brought an intensity that few could ever hope to contain. Just ask the litany of ring legends who have incurred his wrath — a hit list that includes Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Bret “Hit Man” Hart and many more.

If Sid’s imposing size and intimidating stature provided a physical advantage for the 6-foot-9 Superstar, the mind games he played against his opponents gave him a tactical edge. Though he initially introduced himself to the WWE Universe as the honorable Sid Justice, he quickly manipulated others to get himself ahead. He’d lure an ally into his comfort zone, only to betray them later as he did with The Hulkster or HBK. Or he would simply try to get in the heads of rivals like Jake “The Snake” Roberts or The Undertaker.

But was Sid as “Sycho” as they say? His results in the squared circle speak volumes about his strategy and skill. A two-time WWE Champion. A two-time WCW Champion. A United States Champion. From the day he arrived in WCW as one-half of the monolithic tag team The Skyscrapers to the moment he aligned himself with The Four Horsemen to the night he knocked off The Showstopper to win his first WWE title, Sid backed up his aggressive rants with authoritative performances in the ring.

If not for a catastrophic in-ring leg injury that cut his championship aspirations short in 2001, Sid’s successes would likely have stacked up against the best in WWE history. He remains a larger-than-life Superstar to all who saw him compete, with few, if any, looking for a rematch against the man who strived more than anyone to become the “Master and Ruler of the World.”

Sycho Sid is the last expected marquee WWE Hall of Fame 2022 inductee, but since the induction is this Friday it is unclear when or if he will be inducted with so few days left till the event.

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