UFC 173 – Live Results and Play By Play

Hey fight fans … welcome to UFC 173. We’ll have full results from the undercard and live PBP of the main PPV card. Stay tuned!

Preliminary Card (on UFC Fight Pass)
Anthony Njokuani (16-7, 1 NC) vs. Vinc Pichel (8-1) – Vinc Pichel def. Anthony Njokuani via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Sam Sicilia (12-4) vs. Aaron Phillips (5-0) – Sam Sicilia def. Aaron Phillips by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
David Michaud (7-0) vs. Li Jingliang (8-2) – Jingliang Li def. David Michaud via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Preliminary Card (on Fox Sports 1)
Michael Chiesa (10-1) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (14-3) – Michael Chiesa def. Francisco Trinaldo by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)
Tony Ferguson (14-3) vs. Katsunori Kikuno (22-5-2) – Ferguson via KO (punch) at 4:05 of the first round
Chris Holdsworth (5-0) vs. Chico Camus (14-4) – Holdsworth via unanimous decision (30-27×3)
Al Iaquinta (8-2-1) vs. Mitch Clarke (10-2) – Clarke via technical submission (D’Arce choke) at 0:57 of the second round

Main Card (on Pay-Per-View)

Jamie Varner (21-9-1, 2 NC) vs. James Krause (20-5) – Krause looks to use his jab early and tags him early. Varner apparently was a lot more hurt than we thought and he goes down, Krause tackles him and grabs back. Krause is teeing off but Varner looks like his left foot is hurt. Krause grabs a double and Krause turns him over and grabs mount; something’s off with Varner right now. He’s in desperation mode as I’m not sure if he’ll be able to continue on in the 2nd. Another scramble and Varner rolls into side control and starts uncorking some fists and they’re throwing DOWN! Krause sees it and starts throwing kicks to that part, Varner goes down and starts working the body. Varner has to finish now and I don’t think he can. Varner is so wobbly right now, putting all his body weight on the right leg. He and Krause are throwing as Krause is landing. Varner falls down again and this fight needs to be stopped. Varner’s leg is done … big ups for him to continue but he’s done. Round ends and Varner is yelling that his ankle is broke.

James Krause wins via TKO (medical) at 5:00 of the first round

For what it’s worth I had it Krause 10-9.

Takeya Mizugaki (19-7-2) vs. Francisco Rivera (10-2) –

Round 1: Rivera tags him early with the left as Takeya is looking to grab the clinch early. He’s darting his lead leg in, like he’s contemplating a level change and wants Rivera to think about it. He kind of reaches at the minute mark and can’t get in. He’s looking to get Rivera’s upper body high and then go in for a level change and Rivera isn’t biting. Mizugaki with a big left and Rivera goes down. Takeya jumps into guard and is landing some big shots. Rivera is trying to grab his hands and get himself square but Mizugaki is looking to land some elbows. He’s not pressing the issue, my guess is to pace himself. He’s into half guard and is looking to move to side control. Rivera powers his way back up and we’re against the cage in the clinch. Mizugaki tries to drag him down and Rivera reverses, we’re back against the cage some more. Rivera gets the takedown and the rounds with a wild scramble. 10-9 Mizugaki

Round 2: Rivera with a body kick that gets caught, wild scramble as Mizugaki goes for the takedown and can’t finish. Rivera lands a big right and is chasing him down, landing some big shots. Mizugaki in on the level change and Rivera grabs a guillotine. He has it in but doesn’t have guard and doesn’t have the full squeeze. He loses it and is now on bottom. Rivera starts to wall walk his way back up and we’re in a positional battle. Both guys are working and Mizugaki grabs back and is looking for the RNC. Rivera defending well but he’s open to a neck crank if he loses control of his hands. Rivera’s doing a great job playing defense right now. He manages to land it as the round ends. 10-9 Mizugaki, 20-18

Round 3: Both guys come out throwing hands and it’s two distinctly different plans. Rivera is swinging for the fences, TM is looking to use his strikes to set up a takedown. TM is throwing some nice straights as Rivera has no sense or urgency right now. BIG punch and Rivera goes down from a kick, TM on top and we’re into half guard. Rivera is trying to get up and use full guard to sweep up but TM is doing a great job using top control right now. Rivera is trying to get up and TM is using top control to grind. A minute left and we get a standup and Rivera has to go full bore now. He’s down and has lost this fight and can win it with a finish only right now. TM is game to throw some hands as both guys are throwing down right now. 30 seconds left and TM is tagging him by throwing looping hands and faking the shot, landing the follow up. We get some wild throwing of the hands to finish the fight. 10-9 TM, 30-27

Official decision: Takeya Mizugaki via unanimous decision (30-27×2, 29-28)

Robbie Lawler (22-10, 1 NC) vs. Jake Ellenberger (29-7) –

Round 1: Not much action to start as Ellenberger is pacing himself much better than usual. Lawler is feeling him out, looking to find distance. Nice head kick is partially blocked, as is another. Lawler looks really good, especially considering he’s coming off a fight less than 70 days ago. Lawler is looking to throw head kicks, as Ellenberger is circling towards that power side. Very interesting strategy so far from both guys. Lawler is looking for a counter and is using his movement to set something up. Lawler is trying to get him to come in and land something, to try and goad him into rushing in and get caught. Ellernberger tries to go in but Lawler to the plumb and Ellenberger out. Ellenberger is in a bit of a shell right now. Lawler has made him gun shy. Ellenberger is landing but he’s not throwing a lot. He’s losing the round by that basis alone. Lawler is landing more, throwing more and in general just doing more. Lawler with a nice left with 40 seconds left. Lawler is working an aggressive counter game and is winning fairly handily so far. Lawler 10-9

Round 2: Lawler is pressing the pace to start as he smells blood. Potentially you can argue that the Kampmann fight has made Ellenberger a little gun shy. Lawler is winning the movement game and is making Ellenberger fight a brawling game that favors Lawler. Ellenberg with a duck under of sorts and grabs back, we’re standing though and he’s looking to drag him to the ground. Lawler away and we’re back to the middle. Ellenberger is more active now but Lawler is setting the pace. Lawler is landing clean, tagging him with a nice right, as Lawler is getting tuned up. Lawler looks in a different league right now. Ellenberger’s only Top 10 win is from a couple years ago, the Shields fight, and hasn’t done much against anyone of note who’s currently in the elites of the division since. Ellenberger grabs the takedown and grabs back and Lawler powers out, laughing, and we’re back up. Lawler with some big shots, including a knee to the body that buckled him, as Lawler is stalking him with hands now. Ellenberger spins out but Lawler is landing some shots. Ellenberger with the takedown with a minute left as Lawler grabs full guard. Lawler right back up, fairly easily, and lands some nice knees. Lawler 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Ellenberger is starting to pump the jab but Lawler with a nice knee to the body. 30 seconds in and we’re in a firefight now. Lawler is a little wobbly but he takes over as Ellenberger had might’ve broke during the exchange. Lawler is back in control and sees it like blood in the water. He’s hesitant to throw that right, Ellenberger is, and Lawler is taking advantage of it by moving in that direction and daring him to throw it. Lawler is cruising right now and lands a big knee, wild hands and Lawler with the brutal finish. Ellenberger looked done and Lawler thought “Yeah, I want to finish you right now.”

Robbie Lawler wins via TKO at 3:06 of the third round

Daniel Cormier (14-0) vs. Dan Henderson (30-11) –

Round 1: Hendo looking for that big right as DC is looking to kick and circle away from it. Very well prepared as Cormier is leaving open his body because he doesn’t want to get kicked. DC LAUNCHES Hendo to the ground, violently. Side control and DC picks him up and slams him out of it. Armbar from the bottom from Hendo and he gets slammed out of it. DC is on another level, athletically, right now. Hendo is trying to shrimp his way up and DC’s top control is special right now. DC is looking to move to mount and Hendo is looking for a stand up. DC is moving him around like a ragdoll. Hendo is taking any significant damage but DC is running a top position clinic on him right now. Nice up kick as Cormier goes for a standing pass, Hendo rolls and DC grabs back. Hendo to side control with a minute left and DC is dominating this fight. Hendo nearly grabs a leglock and DC bails, letting him up. Hendo is looking for that right as Cormier is stalking hi, looking to work the angles. DC is starting to throw some nice kicks and Hendo nearly gets the takedown, DC stuffs it and we’re against the cage for the final 10 seconds. 10-9 Cormier

Round 2: Hendo is starting to pump the jab a bit, to get Cormier on his heels more. He throws that big right and DC is out of the way quickly. DC in on a single and we’re down, DC into side control. He’s looking to grab a kimura and Hendo fights out. DC is trying to throw some big ground and pound but Hendo is doing a good job tying him up. DC’s top position and grappling acumen are special though. Hendo to referee’s position and DC is landing some shots, Hendo to his back and we’re into side control. DC is submission hunting right now, landing just enough to get a limb free but isn’t going for the kill. DC to the mounted crucifix and Hendo rolls out. DC looks on another planet right now and Hendo is just trying to survive. 10-9 DC, 20-18

Round 3: DC is working the game plan, mixing in some leg kicks and exploding into him. DC with a high crotch and gives Hendo some air. This is almost embarrassing for Hendo right now. DC is on another planet and Hendo looks old and washed up right now. This is just a mauling right now and DC dominates him with top control for the entire round. DC grabs a rear naked choke and Hendo goes out with about a minute left in the round.

Daniel Cormier wins via technical submission (Rear naked choke) at 3:53 of the third round

Renan Barao (33-1, 1 NC) vs. TJ Dillashaw (9-2) –

Round 1: Barao out fast as Dillashaw is looking to explode into Barao. He’s looking for the counter as Barao is stalking him, being aggressive. Dillashaw’s movement is really good and he’s not looking for a takedown right now. Barao wants this standing and he’s getting the type of fight he excels at. Superman punch nearly gets him clipped but Dillashaw lands a big uppercut that wobbles Barao for a moment. Dillashaw’s counter game is really special right now. Barao is toning down his aggression and is starting to look to counter more. Dillashaw is doing a great job at not making himself a stationary target that Barao can load up and lamp. Barao’s struggling with it as his aggression is toned down. He works his best when he can be aggressive and dictate the pace. Dillashaw is making him stop and start. Big shot from Dillasahw and BARAO GOES DOWN. Dillashaw pounces and Barao grabs and ankle, can’t hold it. Dillashaw is going after him and isn’t letting him up. Dillashaw grabs his back and can’t sink in the RNC, finally grabs a no hooks RNC and can’t finish. Barao catches a leg kick and dumps him as the round ends. 10-9 Dillashaw.

Round 2: Dillashaw a little more aggressive this round but Barao isn’t taking the bait. He’s more steady and both guys are starting to throw. Dillashaw is wading into the firefight and Barao is starting to hit him more. He wants the kill, he can taste it, but Barao is not a guy you leave an opening to. Barao is starting to pump straights more but Dillashaw is doing a good chasing kicks with hooks. Barao is starting to find TJ’s timing on those leg kicks and catches one, nearly dumps him. Dillashaw has Barao scouted really well though; he’s figuring out his movement really well. Dillashaw nearly gets the takedown and almost snatches a guillotine for his efforts. Nut shot from Barao and we got some time. Brilliant foul from Barao, as it give shim time to get his bearings. Dillashaw is starting to get a little reckless and Barao is finding openings. He’s seeing things open up and landing some nice counters. Dillashaw tags him but Barao with a nice combination. Dillashaw with some nice lead rights that are finding their mark. Nice combination from Barao as he gets inside and Dillashaw with a nice body kick. Wild exchange from Dillashaw as the round ends. 10-9 Dillashaw, 20-18

Round 3: Dillashaw is coming out more aggressive and Barao is starting to land some counters right now. Barao is waiting on slight opening and is hitting him much more than he did in the first two rounds. Barao’s hands are slowing down but Dillashaw is putting a hard pace. Barao is starting to find his pace; Dillashaw is fighting masterfully but he’s starting to get a little more reckless. He smells victory, especially after nearly getting the finish in the first, but Barao is adapting on the fly well. Dillashaw tags him a bunch of times with his hands as Barao is eating a lot of punishment. Dillashaw is starting to throw a really nice step in jab that’s setting up a lot of other strikes. Eye poke and Dillashaw uncorks a combination as Herb Dean missed it. DIllashaw with the takedown try and can’t finish it, though. Dillashaw 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Dillashaw catches a kick and nearly gets the takedown to start. Dillashaw is starting to throw that head kick more but he’s setting it up significantly better. Dillashaw is outworking Barao and a left wobbles Barao. Barao looks gassed right now as Dillashaw is out working and out moving him. Both are swinging hard and we get a wild exchange at the three minute marker. Barao looks slow right now as Dillashaw gets him against the cage. Dillashaw gets the takedown with a minute left and Barao nearly grabs a leg lock, TJ works out of it and is battering Barao on the ground. 10-9 Dillashaw, 40-36

Round 5: Barao has to finish him this round and I don’t think he has it in him. He looks done and Dillashaw looks on point. His cardio is great, his counters are slick and he’s taking advantage of Barao’s wildness. Barao has to go for broke and he isn’t. Dillashaw is out working him, darting in and out with jabs. He’s looking to just point fight right now. Nice head kick and Barao goes down. Dillashaw pours it on and it’s over. TJ Dillashaw has just won the UFC Bantmaweight title at 2:25 of the fifth round.

Official decision: TJ Dillashaw wins via TKO (strikes) at 2:25 of the fifth round.

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