Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Payback 2014

Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable.  I am your host, Rhett Davis, and it’s time for Payback!  Only six matches were officially announced for the card so I added two potential matches.  Without any other delays, here we go!


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Payback 2014



Match One

The Big B vs. The Big E

Rusev vs. Big E


Camden Fordyce:  Rusev’s going to win.  I’m actually excited about the match despite these guys not usually having a very good match.  I hate that Big E is going to take a step back but Rusev needs it more.

Winner:  Rusev


Chris Sanders: More Lana screen time, I’m in.

Winner: Rusev


David Spain: I was surprised to see Big E summarily ejected from the ring when he rushed to Hacksaw’s defence, but pleased that there wasn’t the usual predictability usually involved in these minor feuds. I think Rusev is going to be portrayed as dominantly as he should be, and whilst E’s a good opponent for him, you don’t want Rusev’s first loss to be Langston’s doing.

Winner: Alexander Rusev


Justin C:  Big E’s stock has dropped almost as much as the WWE’s actual stock. Rusev seems to be trending upward. I want an actual feud for Rusev after this match, not just him beating up a bunch of random guys. Rusev picks up the win here and we are left wondering what Big E did to piss someone off backstage.

Winner:  Rusev


Rhett Davis:  Well they couldn’t have had a better looking stand off for before the match started.  Will this be a five-star classic?  Of course not.  Big E will get some big offense in, threaten a three count, Rusev will kick out, Lana will (sexily) be outraged, Rusev will regain focus, and Rusev will put E in the Camel Clutch for the win.

Winner:  The Bulgarian Brute


The Tally:  Rusev – 5

Big E – 0


Match Two

Don’t Be a Lemon, Be a Rosebud

Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger


Camden Fordyce:  No brainer.  Rose wins it.  Swagger is a lemon.

Winner:  Adam Rose


Chris Sanders: Just end it, please.

Winner: Adam Rose


David Spain: Seems like it’s safe to say that they’re not going to make a guy lose his debut. And even if they did, against Jack Swagger? Be A Star, WWE.

Winner: Adam ‘Magic Roundabout’ Rose


Justin C:  If it happens, Rose wins. No reason for the new guy to lose this early yet.

Winner:  Adam Rose


Rhett Davis:  I love the wrestler Adam Rose, but I’m afraid the gimmick will fall to the wayside much in the same way that Brodus Clay, Santino, Fandango… I could go on.  If this match does happen, it should be a fantastic match though.  Swagger has actually had some pretty decent high-profile matches when given the opportunity.

Winner:  Leo… Adam Rose


The Tally:  Adam Rose – 5

Jack Swagger – 0


Match Three

Pre-Show Mask vs. Hair Match

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle


Camden Fordyce:  Who cares? No one ever loses a mask.

Winner:  El Torito


Chris Sanders: As long as there’s no little people commentators, I’m game.

Winner: El Torito


David Spain: Oh my God, I…I can’t even. Well, they can kill El Torito’s gimmick, which would be good and right and just and sane, or they can shave the evil midget’s head and further this depravity, spawned forth from some diseased mind. So…

Winner: El Torito


Justin C:  I was dead wrong about these two last month. They had probably the second or third best match of the night. And these two have had a nice low card feud, which is something I’ve wanted for awhile. Hopefully these two have another good match. El Torito gets the win here. He’s marketable to kids and there’s no way he is losing his mask.

Winner:  El Torito


Rhett Davis:  The match last month was highly entertaining, and, if they were smart, would’ve put this on actually on the card instead of on the Pre-Show.  Anyways, Horny is going to have a bald head because El Torito is too interesting to take away his whole character by demasking him.

Winner:  El Torito


The Tally:  El Torito – 5

Hornswoggle – 0



Match Four

Divas Championship

Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox


Camden Fordyce:  Once again, Alicia Fox is milked up to lose.

Winner:  Paige


Chris Sanders: Alright, I’m gonna pick with my heart here because I’ve fallen quite fond of Crazy Fox and I wanna see how many weeks she can keep this gimmick up.

Winner: Alicia Fox


David Spain: As much of a fairy tale ending it would be if the psychopath was rewarded with some valuable metal, I don’t think Paige’s reign is fated to end here, at the hands of Alicia Fox. Rule Britannia.

Winner: Paige


Justin C:  I for one like the new Alicia Fox gimmick. For someone who has been on the WWE roster for what seems like forever, I don’t think anyone knew she actually had the talent to pull this off. It’s a nice change from the stupid stuff we have been getting from the Total Divas. Not only that, but it seems to have motivated Fox in the ring too. With that being said, there is still no way Paige loses the Title this early in her reign. As well as Fox is pulling off the crazy gimmick, she is just keeping the seat warm until AJ returns.

Winner:  Paige


Rhett Davis:  Okay I think everyone likes the new Alicia Fox thing because hey freshness is fresh!  We like everything that’s fresh, but, if all she does is come out and throw a tantrum, we’re going to tire of her quickly.  Sadly WWE doesn’t realize that less is more.  Paige wins this by making the psycho tap out.  Thus followed by a tantrum.

Winner:  Paige


The Tally:  Paige – 4

Alicia Fox – 1


Match Five

United States Championship

Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro


Camden Fordyce:  This is going to be an interesting match, but I think Sheamus is going to win and turn heel.  It’s been rumored for months that he will turn heel, but tonight will be the night.

Winner:  Sheamus


Chris Sanders:  I’m hoping this is just a place-holder match for Cesaro until he wins MitB later this month. I’m calling shenanigans for Sheamus’ win or Cesaro gets DQ’d or something along those lines.

Winner: Sheamus


David Spain: Cesaro with the title would be great, but I don’t think that now’s the right time. At the very least, there’s potential in a feud. Sheamus should keep the title; the idea that he and Barrett could clash whilst both holding the belts has got to be an incentive, or it should be. Sheamus needs to hold the gold.

Winner: Sheamus


Justin C:  I’m really looking forward to this match. These two are capable of having a really good slugfest. They won’t be afraid to work a little stiff with each other. And that will make the match even better. The same thing I said about Barrett applies to Cesaro. If he is going to win MITB, no reason for him to win the US Title. But at the same time Sheamus is rumored to be in line for a big push coming up. I’m picking Cesaro to win here because it gives Paul Heyman something else to brag about when he comes out with the mic.

Winner:  Cesaro


Rhett Davis:  This match is confusing.  Normally I’d say that Cesaro winning would be a no-brainer, but he’s already held that belt.  He’s above the United States scene, and should be transferring into the WWE Title scene sooner than later.  I’d assume he’s going to win the MITB next month.  That being said, what better way to ‘dissuade’ the viewers from thinking he’s going to win at MITB than to have him lose here in a big way?  Maybe not quite the 18 seconds way as they may have the same reaction, but defeat Cesaro quickly in a few minutes via a Brogue Kick.

Winner:  The Great White


The Tally:  Sheamus – 4

Cesaro – 1


Match Six

Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam


Camden Fordyce:  I think RVD wins this one by DQ.  So in other words… Bad News for RVD.

Winner:  Bad News Barrett


Chris Sanders: Loser has to drop down to just two names. RVD is the new Chris Jericho circa 2013.

Winner: BNB


David Spain: I think this is the most obvious one on the card. Barrett’s got some serious support, and I think he and Sheamus can actually do something with the mid-card belts (don’t you laugh at me!). As is the theme with most of my predictions: why squander an opportunity?

Winner: Bad News Barrett


Justin C:  There’s no doubt RVD has been a major disappointment during his second return, He seems really out of shape and unmotivated. On the opposite end, I don’t know if anyone thought Bad News Barrett would take off like he did. The guy has shown he can be a big time player before and now he is doing it again. I think Barrett retains here, BUT, I could see RVD winning here under one condition: Barrett is the favorite to win Money in the Bank. Normally, the winner of MITB isn’t also the US/IC Champ. But since I’m not thinking that far ahead, I’ll pick Barrett to retain.

Winner:  Bad News Barrett


Rhett Davis:  RVD winning would not only kill BNB’s momentum, but wouldn’t boost his own really at all.  Safe to say that Bad News comes to RVD and he does not pick up the gold.

Winner (and STILL Intercontinental Champion):  Bad News Barrett


The Tally:  Bad News Barrett – 5

Rob Van Dam – 0


Match Seven

No Holds Barred Elimination 6 Man Tag Team Match

The Shield vs. Evolution


Camden Fordyce:  No DQ spells trouble for The Shield.

Winners:  Evolution


Chris Sanders: Evolution is losing Batista after this match so I feel like that’s a pretty good indicator of which team is gonna win here so that Evolution can either go away or regroup with a new member (Sheamus).

Winner: Shield


David Spain: I guess this depends on whether there are plans for another match. I think that’s a bad idea (unless, of course, it was War Games, and it’s not going to be War Games), so if this is the last match in the series…well, how can you justify the Shield losing? I think logic has to win out here: an Evolution victory has no purpose, particularly not after the definitive win at Extreme Rules.

Winner: Believe in the Shield.


Justin C:  Similar to Cena/Wyatt, this feud needs to end. It hasn’t gotten as bad as Cena/Bray but it is getting stale. Hopefully, Payback is the final chapter in these two main feuds and everyone moves on. With Batista leaving after this week, could this be the end of Evolution? This match would make more sense if Evolution won at Extreme Rules. In the end, I think Roman Reigns is the sole survivor and wins for his team, most likely pinning Triple H last. That sets up a one-on-one Reigns/HHH match down the line. Not only that, but it could also add to the future Shield break-up. Reigns could get the win with a big comeback and get all of the attention. That would make Ambrose and/or Rollins jealous. That’s just speculation, but it works in the story. The Shield win here.

Winners: The Shield (Roman Reigns is The Sole Survivor)


Rhett Davis:  I’m inclined to agree with Camden in thinking that the whole No Holds Barred stipulation is to imply that Evolution will have help.  Whether that help is Dean Ambrose (crossing fingers) or Sheamus, I think Evolution pulls this one out with the new member taking Batista’s place as he goes deal with Guardians stuff.

Winners:  Evolution


The Tally:  The Shield – 3

Evolution – 2


Match Eight

Last Man Standing Match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt


Camden Fordyce:  I don’t see any upside in Cena winning so I’ll take Bray Wyatt.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt


Chris Sanders: Either shenanigans go down to where Bray walks out the winner or Cena brings out the duct tape. Think long and hard about which is more likely.

Winner: John Cena


David Spain: I think it would be fantastic if Bray won. Seriously. I’d love to see him get a victory which was better than just squeezing past Cena at Extreme Rules (and I think he’d have probably looked more dominant losing without interference, which is almost an achievement for Creative). But I can’t bring myself to believe it. Good trumps evil; Cena triumphs; Bray will recover; we’ll all hate it.

Winner: Status Quo (otherwise known as John Cena)


Justin C:  This feud needs to end. Now. There are no new layers that can be added to this feud that will make it interesting. They started strong and have hit a huge wall in the last month. The singing has lost its luster. The match at Extreme Rules was a major letdown. I really hope Rowan and Harper don’t interfere as much. Looking at the match itself, I think the Last Man Standing Match leads me to pick Cena. That is, unless Big Show returns and throws Cena into an 8,000 WATT SURGE LIGHT!!! The WWE probably also thinks Bray can recover from the loss with his work on the mic, because that is how the WWE thinks. I’m reluctantly picking Cena and hope that I am proven wrong.

Winner:  John Cena


Rhett Davis:  Greattttt. I was tired of this feud by the time they fought at Extreme Rules.  Time for this program to end.  Nothing new has been unfolded to make this worthwhile so it’s just taking up time now.  Although I’m not sure where Cena would go after this match… As for who wins, I think Cena wins because LOLCena.

Winner:  John Cena


The Tally:  John Cena – 4

Bray Wyatt – 1


Well that’s all for this Rasslin’ Roundtable!  Be sure to check out the live results right here tomorrow!

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