IDW Sentences Judge Anderson To a Solo Series

IDW Publishing has announced a new addition to your Judge Dredd pull list, Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division. The series will focus on the telepathic and precognitive Judge Cassandra Anderson and her early career in Psi-Division, taking place prior to the current ongoing Judge Dredd series.

Judge Anderson has been a staple of the 2000 AD universe since legendary writer John Wagner and the iconic artist Brian Bolland first introduced her, while actress Olivia Thirlby did the character justice in 2012’s film Dredd. For audiences old and new, Judge Anderson’s popularity calls for an overdue solo series.

Judge Anderson #1

“It’s all I’ve got when you’re in my head.”

2000 AD editor Matt Smith, having handled Judge Dredd’s early days in Year One, is ready to redefine Judge Anderson for a new generation of readers. Dredd artist extraordinaire Carl Critchlow (Thrud The Barbarian, too much Judge Dredd to name here) will take on all of the interior art duties while covers will be handled by comics veteran Matt Haley. Jump on issue #1 at your local shop to secure a variant cover by Chris Weston and Mimi Yoon.

“Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson is one the great, iconic characters from 2000 AD – an irreverent foil to Dredd, her wit and warmth made her an instant favorite with the fans the moment she was first introduced way back in 1980, and she’s been a mainstay of the comic ever since,” says Smith. “Her position as one of the signature figures in Dredd’s world was cemented by her appearance in the 2012 DREDD movie. So I had a lot of fun writing a new case for her for IDW – and Carl has done a phenomenal job, capturing both Cass and the Big Meg beautifully.”

Series editor Denton J. Tipton teases upcoming adventures: “From the halls of the Justice Department, to the galleries of the Megapolitan Museum and swamplands outside Texas City, Anderson will face a trial by fire, forging her into the authoritative Judge we know today.”

Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division hits shelves in August, and just like the real Anderson, the book will be found regularly alongside Dredd’s own ongoing, Judge Dredd.

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