RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 6.23.2014 (Vickie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon, Bo Dallas)

1. It took Stephanie McMahon less than 10 minutes to turn WWE’s biggest heat magnet into a complete face and turned the most hated catchphrase/shrill into a cheer-worthy battle cry. To be fair, no heel has ever really dig their claws into the Eddie subject against Vickie before but it’s still an impressive feat. And yeah, their “match” didn’t exactly happen but that’s probably all for the better considering Vickie’s previous in-ring endeavors and also it was a less-than-flattering exit however, it’s pretty much on par with what Vickie has done in the past. Vickie went along with whatever wacky nonsense that WWE put her up to and that lends a certain amount of appreciate and respect from me.

That doesn’t excuse the spiked-coffee/throw up nonsense from last week though. Just saying.

2. On one hand, Harper and Rowan’s new theme music crosses from creepy to full-on annoying at about 15 seconds after it first comes on. On the other hand, it does portray the characters well and blah blah blah I’m so tired of that damn song blah blah. Aside from that, I overly enjoyed just about everything Luke Harper did during this segment. Uso crazy is a terrible joke and the creator of said joke needs to be beaten with dead rodents but what makes it worse is when one of the Usos can’t even use it in the way the joke was intended.

3. There’s a DC sniper reference to be made when talking about Cameron on commentating. She’s horrendous in the ring and just a terrible person on commentary, I really shouldn’t be surprised since I didn’t manage to (barely) make it through the entire first season of Total Divas. 2 minutes into her commentary segment and I was begging for the little person commentating crew to come back instead of listening to Cameron say “actually” a billion times. Side note: interneters got a screenshot of Lawler enjoying the view after Paige got out of her seat. This was a really fun “gotcha” type moment until Jerry himself tweeted the picture and make his own creepy caption for it. You guys, I think Jerry is becoming sentient. Run for the high ground.

4. I don’t know what the difference is between Bo Dallas on Raw and Smackdown and the Bo Dallas we see on NXT. I like NXT Bo so much more as a heel because he’s way more entertaining. I could watch Bo refusing to leave Full Sail all day and sure, Bo on Raw has his moments here and there but it just seems way more formulaic. The only explanation I can think of would be the Raw writers (you know, the guys/gals you see in the back alley that are beating a dead horse with another dead horse).

5. I’m really happy that an actual MitB match was added and I don’t really have a complaint on those involved (aside from maybe Swagger). I really am ready for Neville to join the main roster so that Kofi won’t be the lone ladder match/battle royal spot guy because that’s really the only purpose for including Kofi in a match like this and there’s only so much a 43 year old RVD can do.

6. I popped for Bad News calling the Washington Redskins racist even if he went the legal-friendly route of saying so without actually naming the Skins but still, the situation is just dumb. BNB vs Ziggler was a fantastically fun match to watch and had fans actually engaged in a midcard title match. Make this happen more! You know, give Ziggler a decent amount of time in a match…even if he’s gonna lose.

7. Kofi vs Swagger was a pile of hot garbage. There was some sort of mix-up, botch at one point and I had to turn my attention away from the screen. When my gaze returned, Swagz was bleeding and I wasn’t surprised.

8. It probably would’ve been better for Sandow to have been portraying a more villainous historical figure rather than, you know, the president that issued the Emancipation Proclamation. But still, the crowd loved it when Big E demolished Abe and went all Baptist on Rusev. Didn’t we just have this story end like a month ago?

9. Have I mentioned how much I really dig the Stardust gimmick? With Cody’s lisp and everything, I find myself getting a vague Eddie Izzard vibe and that’s a good thing.

10. The main event had like, three different endings. What is this? Return of the King?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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