FH Battleground Heels: Going Anywhere?

So I’m terribly bored of Bray Wyatt. His genius promos are now stale. I don’t want to see him become a face either. He’d just be a cheap Mick Foley, without the hardcore gimmick. Wrestling has enough bearded goof ball faces. On the other hand Bo Dallas is killing it. I don’t think the fans are getting his gimmick though, like we did back ’99 with Angle’s début? Bo is supposed to be an annoying asshole. You’re allowed to hate him, and disrespect him. It seems fans are thinking to hard when they go to watch wrestling shows? Stick with Bo.

Miz got a reaction this week on Raw. He needs better entrance gear, but he’s still an awesome fella. Lawler should shut up. He’s a little doughy dick head. At-least JBL understands Miz’s situation. Miz has the potential to be bigger than The Rock, and WWE just gives him matches with nobodies like Jericho, and Sheepmusk. He deserves the main event at Battleground, not Roman Reigns.

Can Cena turn heel yet? For fmuck’s sake already. Who are these little kids that love him so much, and why would it hurt them if Cena turned? I loved Randy Savage when I was a wee lad. He was a heel at the time, and it didn’t break kids’ hearts. I’m also sure kids loved booing Hollywood Hogan as much as they liked cheering for Sting. Cena was golden as a heel. The white rapper gimmick is a ticket to heel glory. PM Newz (heel version) literally covered up his poor skills with the white rapper gimmick. I used the gimmick to become King of the Streets, well in Def Jam Vendetta I did. Cena just needs to turn heel, and go back to being thugnifacent. WWE needs to stop protecting his supposed squeaky clean image, and end their moratorium on hip hop gimmicks.

I’m pretty sure The Wyatts will win the tag belts. I know a lot of the Fb marks want the Ascension to be the next champs, but they haven’t even debuted, and WWE seems high on Luke Harper, and all things Wyatt. The Usos are pretty good on the mic too. Their old school promos hit that nostalgic spot in my heart. Still I’m sticking with the Wyatts.

I’m hoping Rusev destroys Swagger. How dare Swagger and Zeb disrespect Russia like that. We as Americans need to allow Lana to talk Shit about our evil imperialist backward country. Face facts guys, America was founded on the backs of Russian slaves. You guys can’t really give an opinion because none of you have real teachers, like those from UC Berkley. God save the Czar!

The battle royale for the IC Belt will be won by Cesaro, or somebody I don’t care about. Probably Kofi. (ugh) I’m pulling for Miz, Ryback, or Bo.

I’m not seeing much from Battleground as far as matches go. I’m sure some run in can happen, but I wouldn’t watch this if I didn’t have WWEN.

Sorry for the downer article, but WWE hasn’t given me anything to be excited about. Its harshing my humorist mellow.

Heel of the week is Kane, Orton, and Kwang…oh I mean Kane.

Top Wrestlers That may  Have Killed An Escort.

5)Nathan Jones

4)Jeff Hardy


2)The Clique

1)Dave Batista

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