Rusev News: Swagger Feud Canceled, Match Finish Retroactively Changed, New Booking


WWE had a match between Rusev and Jack Swagger on the WWE Battleground PPV. In that match, there was a non finish that indicated that the feud would continue, presumably to Summerslam.

However, the promo between Rusev’s manager Lana and Swagger’s manager Zeb Coulter caused controversy and ultimately has caused WWE creative to change course.

On Raw, there were several notable changes made. Jerry Lawler, on commentary, noted that Swagger tapped out to Rusev at the PPV, which is not quite true. In addition, when Lana went to speak on the mic, the Great Khali’s music played immediately, thus Lana had no mic time on the show at all.

Originally the idea was to have another match at Summerslam where Rusev would finally go over strong. However, as of Raw, it appears the program has been dropped entirely.

Swagger and Zeb were not on Raw..

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter