Arrow Spoilers: New Interview With John Barrowman Reveals Malcolm Merlin To Be ‘Puppetmaster’ In Season 3

In an enlightening new interview, newly-promoted-to-series-regular John Barrowman discusses what’s in store for Malcolm Merlin in the new season of Arrow. sat down with John Barrowman who opened up about how excited he is for the new season.

When asked whether Malcolm Merlin would be more of a bad guy or a puppetmaster in Arrow‘s third season, Barrowman referred to the fact that Merlin was definitely portrayed as a puppetmaster in the comic books and hinted that the course would remain the same in the show.

He also said that the new season would flashback to the conversation that Malcolm had with Thea Queen in the limo, and teased that the new season would be “the best of brutal times for the pair.”

Finally, he shared his thoughts on the uniform that his alter ego, the Dark Archer, plays and how he hoped it would be ‘more leathery’ and ‘less bulky.’

The entire video interview can be seen HERE