True Blood Spoilers: Stephen Moyer Reveals Finale Secrets, Who Will Sookie Choose? How Will Hep V Storyline End Show?


As True Blood continues to wrap things up as it heads toward its series finale on August 24, some secrets about how the writers plan on wrapping things up are finally seeing the light of day.

In a must-watch interview with, Stephen Moyer opened up about the show’s finale. Here are the highlights.

On the show’s season finale

“There were a lot of things in there that I was expecting and there were a couple of things in there that I wasn’t expecting.”

On whether fans will be satisfied with the ending:
“One of the things i have said this year is I think Brian Buckner has done a good job of giving every single fan something that they would like. You cannot please everybody. We know that. It is an impossibility. But everyone gets a bit of something. I think we have done really well in that regard.”

On whether it is a bittersweet feeling to reach the end of the series:
“Everybody keeps asking me whether it’s bittersweet and I just keep going no, it’s sweet. Seven years is like two lots of colleges. It’s like studying for a doctorate in vampirism.”

On the Hep V storyline and how it is being used to end the show

“I was worried that it might be a downer. I was worried that it might feel like it’s crushing the energy of our show which has always kind of been dynamic and crazy. But actually I think it makes the emotion seem more impactful and it makes our show (which has always been a high-quality soap) become even more soapy because it’s about emotional storylines between characters. I actually like the way that it is driving forward. I think it makes you care more.”

On who Sookie (Anna Paquin) will end up with:
“I think there will be people who are pleased and I think there will be people who don’t quite get what they expect. I mean i think everyone across the board will have stuff from it that they enjoy and stuff that they feel they have missed. And that will go for Team Eric. Obviously Team Alcide already. And everybody. I think it’s a clever way… we do well to tie up a lot of knots.”

You can watch the entire interview HERE