Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests Decide Whether To Tell Caleb That Amber Is Going Or To Blindside Him On Thursday

The Beast Mode Cowboy has no idea what is going on.

After initially pushing for Amber to be nominated (for not reciprocating his obvious romantic feelings), one conversation with her led Caleb to having a change of heart on Tuesday.

Caleb began to campaign on her behalf asking all of other houseguests to keep her and to send Jocasta home instead.

After attempting to convince Zach to keep Amber, Caleb remained blissfully unaware that the house had already decided to send Amber packing. This was in addition to Zach slipping up numerous times during Caleb’s pitch for Amber to stay and referring to Jocasta competing for the HOH on Thursday (hinting that she would be staying over Amber).

It was at this point that things began to change. Derrick overheard Zach’s conversation with Caleb and made the realization that Caleb’s loyalty to Amber also proved that he was loyal to the remaining members of the Bomb Squad. By blindsiding him on Thursday, the Detonators risked him jumping to the other side with Nicole/Hayden/Victoria/Jocasta. Derrick managed to convince Zach that blindsiding Caleb unnecessarily was not the right move. Zach shockingly agreed.

Hayden and Cody also talked about the same subject and how unnecessary it was to blindside Caleb without cause. They agreed that they should tell him that Amber was leaving. Hayden also pitched Cody on a new alliance that would include them alongside Derrick and Nicole. Neither seemed keep on including the gossipy Christine. Hayden revealed that Frankie had already approached him/Nicole/Christine about an alliance which seemed sketchy to Derrick.

The Bomb Squad then had a short meeting where Derrick said that it was in all of their best interest to just tell Caleb that Amber was going. Christine seemed to protest as she seemed quite enthused about blindsiding Caleb on national TV.

Caleb asked Nicole (again) if Amber was targeting the girls and Nicole said that she was. Caleb asked her why she kept changing her mind on the subject and Nicole said that she initially thought that Caleb asked her if Amber had revealed the existence of the Bomb Squad to the others, but now realized that he was simply only asking if Amber was spearheading an all-female alliance.

Caleb talked to Frankie and began to cry at the thought of Amber leaving and said that even though he was 95 percent sure she was staying, he was still worried about going home. He said that if the Bomb Squad sent Amber home, he would play as an individual and would want to leave next.

The biggest event of the day was a conversation that Amber and Christine had where Amber said that the most fun she had in the house was at the beginning when she wasn’t being bothered by Caleb. She also told Christine that she would have no problem nominating Caleb. This was like giving candy to a baby as Christine immediately took the information to Derrick. Christine also told Zach about what Amber had said. As if things couldn’t get worse for Amber, she told Cody that she was going to target Caleb as well if she stayed.

The Detonators held a meeting to discuss what to with this information about Amber targeting Caleb. There was some debate as to whether or not they should now keep Amber. Derrick told Zach that Amber is not after him. Zach wasn’t buying it. Christine said that if they sent Amber home in a blindside, they can go tell Caleb that he was Amber’s target. Zach was adamant that Amber be sent home. They finally agreed to tell Caleb.

Finally the guys (Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Cody) started talking to Caleb and Frankie eventually led the discussion by telling the Cowboy that he “had something to tell him.” Caleb said “Let me guess. I’m her (Amber’s) target”. Frankie confirmed that Amber is going around telling everyone that he is her target because he is ruining her game. Initially, Caleb seemed stunned and after Cody confirmed the information, Caleb stormed out of the room. Derrick told Cody and Zach that it made absolutely no sense to target Caleb next because he was not after them. Zach said that he thought that Frankie and Christine had a Final 2, because Frankie was always quick to come to her defence, regardless of the issue. Cody said that Frankie was dangerous and would need to go soon. Zach told Cody that they needed to send Frankie home whenever the chance presented itself.

After calming down, the guys told Caleb that regardless of Amber’s threats, they had his back. Hayden also joined them and said that he heard Amber was saying the same things. After some silence, Caleb said “Dude, I ate the pickle” which lightened the mood and got everyone laughing. Caleb then told the guys that he wanted to go and hit Amber in the face with a banana. Derrick advised him to keep a low profile and not let Amber know that he knew what she was doing. Caleb then came up with the idea to stand up in the middle of the live show in order to call Amber out and tell her that he knew the whole time that he was her target.