CB’s Slant: Why WWE Should Cut John Cena and Other Controversial Roster Trimming Ideas

WWE has indicated that they are in cost-cutting mode and that they were going to make some tough decisions to save money and seemingly placate investors.

There are now rumors that more roster cuts will be made on the talent side, and so I thought now would be a good time to offer up my own audacious (and admittedly unrealistic) wish list for WWE roster cuts.

1. Cut John Cena: Like him or hate him, John Cena is always there. I mean always, as in he never backs down, he is always at the top of the card, and he never gives up … his spot.

While WWE looks at Cena as their biggest moneymaker and their top draw, I look at him as their biggest moneymaker and top draw … by default.

Think about how many times Cena at the top of the card has hindered other potential big draws from fully realizing that potential, and you’ll see a pattern that indicates (at least to me) a huge loss in revenue over the past few years.

The reason I say this is that more big stars means more big money, and because Cena has been so consistently used as their safest choice of a cash cow, there haven’t been as many breakthroughs at the top as there could have been.

Cutting Cena is obviously not going to happen, but my point is that WWE has created a situation where Cena’s presence causes a real logjam that prevents the WWE machine from really moving forward.

I bet you can list at least 5 wrestlers whose growth has been stunted over the years by Vince and the writers always sticking with Cena, and just think how much more money could have been made if that wasn’t the case.

2. Cut Randy Orton: Just like Cena, Randy Orton is (mostly) always there, and he’s another character that is more stale than most. Unlike Cena, I don’t think Orton really draws any money or interest anymore, and so it’s time to cut costs and say goodbye or at least shuffle him down the card to the point where he isn’t blocking someone else from emerging as a fresh new moneymaking draw.

3. Cut the Writing Staff: Overpaid, underwhelming, and ultimately vetoed by Vince anyway.

4. Cut Michael Cole and Have Jerry Lawler Retire from Announcing: Cole probably makes a ton of money for what he does and he and Lawler lose money for the company on a weekly basis (along with Vince being in their headsets) by failing to promote the wrestlers in the ring and the tasks at hand. Keep JBL and put him with Renee Young and call it a day.

These are just some ideas for potential bold roster cuts. Sound off with your own thoughts on my picks as well as your own ideas in the comments section below!

That’s all from me — CB.

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