BJ Penn Has No Plans To Return, Rips Mike Dolce & Says He Would Never Work With Him Again

Despite a thorough beating by Frankie Edgar in his last fight, UFC legend BJ Penn seems to be enjoying retirement with no plans to return.

The former two division champion recently did an interview with his own website where he discussed his thoughts on the fight against Frankie Edgar, cutting his weight down for the match and what he really thinks about Mike Dolce.

Following his most recent loss, BJ Penn gave his thoughts, on fighting Frankie Edgar, cutting to 145, and working with Mike Dolce.

“I keep going back about a lot of things…was it even smart to go down to 145 pounds in the first place? Were you going to have the energy all sucked out, you know? I haven’t been to 145 in about 18 years but besides that this whole last year of my life I’ve been just hanging around 160 pounds, trying to watch my weight after the Rory MacDonald fight. I just wanted to watch my weight for general health for myself and my family, and I just stayed around 160 pounds. So, you know, that’s what I sparred at, I sparred at that weight, at 158 pounds, so, you know, that’s just how it all went down.”

Penn said that cutting the weight wasn’t tough as he had starting preparing for the match awhile before he actually stepped inside.

The fighter was not happy with one of the UFC’s advertising faces in Mike Dolce, simply saying that he would “never hire him again for anything.”

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