#Olicity In New 52? Channel 52 Reveals Malcolm Merlyn & Felicity Smoak Join John Diggle In DC Comics’ Green Arrow In Time For CW Arrow Season 3? Spoilers’ish

DC Comics New 52 Green Arrow series editor Brian Cunningham teased the new direction for the comic series in October 2014. This is the back-of-comic-book returning Channel New 52 feature in most New 52 comic books today.

Interestingly, it sure looks like villain Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver Queen ally and potential love interest make the leap into the New 52 along with John Diggle who already did almost 1 year ago.

Slight spoilers follow for Green Arrow comics and TV.

Will we see Oliver Queen, Green Arrow’s alter ego, and Felicity Smoak become a romantic item in the comics? Their “relationship” will be explored in Season 3 of CW’s Arrow. #Olicity anyone?

(As an aside, I am excited that one of my all-time favourite character in Mark Shaw, Manhunter, will be part of CW Arrow this upcoming season. More on that here.)

Interestingly, Season 3 of CW’s Arrow also launches in October 2014 on the 8th. So, it seems DC is trying for synergies between the small screen and its comics.

I also wonder with the debut of Season 1 of CW’s The Flash, and a TV cross-over with CW’s Arrow in the works, will see closer ties between the Flash and Green Arrow comics in the DC New 52?

Anyhow, with the apparent news I opened this piece with, below are the bios for Felicity Smoak and John Diggle released on CW Arrow’s facebook timed with Season 2 of the TV series. Will we get something similar for Season 3?

We also have a Who’s Who for the League of Assassins below of which comic book archer Merlyn – a similar, but different character from Malcolm Meryln – is featured. The League of Assassins showed up in Season 2 and is expected, alongside the Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller, to be a presence in Season 3.

Malcolm Merlyn, and his alter ego as the Dark Archer, is set to play a large role in CW’s Arrow Season 3 as a regular cast member; and Thea Queen’s, Oliver’s half-sister’s, biological father.

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