Survivor Editors Walk Off Job, Season Premiere Could Be Delayed To Do Labor Dispute

The post-production crew of “Survivor” have voted themselves off the job.

The show’s post production team have stopped working on the show because of a labor dispute. The Motion Pictures Editors Guild said yesterday that approximately two dozen editors in Santa Monica walked off the job at Mark Burnett’s Island Post Productions Inc., and said that they would not complete any further editorial work on the series until the company agrees to a new union deal.

The editors were working on the 90-minute premiere of the show’s 29th season which had been slated to air on September 24 and was recently filmed in Nicaragua.

“This wildly successful program has helped to define the genre of reality television, and editors play a critical role in shaping the show,” Editors Guild President Alan Heim said in a statement posted on the union’s website. “They seek the same health benefits, pensions, and basic protections that their counterparts elsewhere in the industry have long enjoyed. After 28 successful seasons and 16 Emmy nominations, that doesn’t seem too much to ask.”

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