WWE Notes: Dean Ambrose Return Date, Chris Jericho News, Zeb Colter Status

Dean Ambrose, who was written off TV after Summerslam, will be filming his movie through September 20, 2014. If there are no production delays and everything remains on schedule, Ambrose will be ready to return after then. He would be available for a run-in on the Night of Champions 2014 PPV, as well as beginning back full time for the Raw after.

Zeb Colter has been off WWE TV since being kicked by Rusev in the aftermath of the flag match at Summerslam 2014. Colter was legit knocked out by the kick by Rusev, and has been kept off TV as a precaution. It also lines up with the storyline and selling that Rusev’s kick took him out of action for a while.

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton both had this past week off, and both did not appear on Raw, but both are booked to appear on the September 1 edition of the show. Jericho took this week off to shoot a digital video series for Comedy Central. Jericho stars in “Team Tiger Awesome”, an Odd Couple like show where Jericho plays a loose cannon detective who has a by-the-book partner (Nick Mundy)

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter