Mick Foley News: Minor Surgery, Cancels Show

Mick Foley canceled an upcoming comedy show that was scheduled for August 31, 2014 in Devnver, Colorado.

Foley, who is now 49, had hs back go out recently and was said to be in excruciating pain. On a recent vacation, the pain was so bad for Foley that he spent half of his vacation in bed, and that’s what was the final straw in his decision to get this latest surgery.

He said the injuries were related to a herniated disc which he first got in 1994 and sciatic nerve pain that has bothered him since 1997. A well-known neurosurgeon recently told Foley that although this surgery will help, he has many different issues with his back that no one surgery will be the answer to alleviating all his pain.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter