THE RAGER! The Trial of Roman Reigns

Here it is the first RAGER after my declaration that I will give a renewed effort to this whole writing articles thing and I’ve already flaked on any thought of doing a 10 Thoughts this week and I’m already struggling to come up with something to talk about. But I knew this was gonna be a struggle considering how lazy WWE decided to get after Summerslam. It’s like they all got together and patted themselves on the back for putting together their first decent PPV since WM30 and all agreed to just let the following shows write themselves because what do people want more of? That’s right, more spur-of-the-moment thrown together 6 man tag main events that aren’t indicative of anything afterwards.

I’d like to touch on something that I’ve alluded to a couple times in recent weeks: Roman Reigns. It seemed like just yesterday that we were all on-board with Roman in some fashion and in what seemed like a brief momentary blink of an eye, everyone has turned on the idea of him being the next guy. And before I go any further, if any of you have the stones to post a comment about how you’ve disliked Roman Reigns from the beginning all the way to now without any sort of tangible evidence to back up this claim, I will release the thorny doom of a thousand Nikki Bella acting classes for being a no-good liar. I say all of this because I distinctly remember getting REAMED by you jerks over a year ago just because I made the slightest suggestion that maybe Roman Reigns is the weaker link of the Shield. So excuse me if I laugh in your dumb little faces if you act like you never liked the guy. Not that I’m bitter about that still or anything.

But seriously, if you say that and don’t have any proof to back up the claim, I will find whatever tv show or movie that you’ve wanted to watch but haven’t gotten around to and I will spoil the balls off of it for you.

But I’ve spoken to a couple people that have shifted their opinion on Reigns as of late and it seems to be more due to WWE seemingly already trying to cut Roman into the John Cena-shaped cookie cutter. We’re seeing a shift of Roman doing good guy things because that’s what good guys do but never bothering to add any sort of substance. I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining that Roman is watering down his move-set lately which is the most concerning to me because Roman’s ring work is easily his greatest attribute at this point of his career but let’s really take a look at what we know about Roman’s ring work. Has it really been watered-down? This is a guy we’re very much use to seeing in somewhat short bursts because his entire WWE career to this point as almost been exclusively spent in tag matches. Maybe this IS his entire move-set right now, which is fine because he looks really good and crisp doing it.

I really think this is going to simply be a case of “too much too soon” in the sense of him needing more to time to develop his personality and character before the trigger is pulled on all of this. There’s a reason that Roman is the one that still has the Shield music and Shield tactical vest because what personality does he have beyond “the muscle of the Shield?” Sure, Roman is already starting to get booked like the new John Cena but I’d be more worried about him becoming the next Randy Orton personality-wise.

It’s still really early to pass judgement on Reigns just yet, the trigger hasn’t been pulled yet but that finger is about to squeeze it any day now and, who knows, Reigns just might pull this off and we’ll be invested in Reigns vs Brock at WM 31. I’m pulling for the guy because I enjoy watching the guy, even with the crappy booking lately, and I have a genuine interest in seeing all 3 Shield guys succeed and become the pillars of the new WWE era, whatever we decide to call it.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Downloaded Madden 15 the very minute it was released, played a couple games. I went to bed, woke up and went for a run and then became 100% positive that a billion 12 year olds were already way better at this than I’ll ever be. I missed my window.

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