Floyd Mayweather Stiffs Waitress On Tip After Dropping $25,000 On Booze & Chicken Wings Post-Maidana Fight

Perhaps they should call him ‘No Money’ Mayweather instead of ‘Money.’

TMZ is reporting that Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather didn’t trip his waitress after he earned $32 million for his win over Marcos Maidana on Saturday.

Nik Nguyen says that she was excited about the tip she would receive after the boxing champion entered Rehab at Hard Rock on Sunday with 150 people and ordered $25,000 worth of alcohol and chicken wings.

Here’s the complete Mayweather tab:

5 bottles of Patrone – $2,375
3 Grey Goose – $1,425
6 bottles of Ciroc – $2,850
20 bottles of Luc Belaire Rose champagne – $11,500
1 6-liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rose – $6,500
200 chicken wings – $600
1 fruit platter – $55

TOTAL BILL: $25,305

The waitress says that Mayweather received extraordinary service and that the Hard Rock comp’d Mayweather. How did he show his appreciation?

No tip.

Nguyen told TMZ she has had some rough times recently and has been working two jobs while dealing with her father’s death.

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Source: TMZ.com