JR Blog: TNA TV News, Rollins vs. Reigns A “Head Scratcher”, Brock Lesnar, John Cena

Jim Ross has some thoughts on Raw and more…

Former WWE announcer Jim Ross posted a thought provoking blog entry, and here are some of the highlights:

on a new TV home for TNA
Heard the past few days that Impact Wrestling has more suitors to become TNA’s new Cable TV home in early 2015. That’s the good news but none of the cable networks are powerhouses but at least Impact has renewed interest from the cable world which is a good thing. I hope that for the Nashville based company’s sake that something positive works out for them. It’s obvious that major infrastructure changes will be in store for TNA but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as companies do that all the time. It actually might make the company more efficient and productive over the long haul.

on Brock/Cena on Raw
The Lesnar/Heyman/Cena segment was the highlight of the show by far which lends even more credence to the theory that Sunday’s PPV is essentially a one match show which isn’t a new development or necessarily a bad thing. The WWE World Title is the most meaningful Championship in WWE, as it should be, but the other titles are luke warm at best. Speaking optimistically perhaps that matter can begin to change this Sunday.

on Rollins vs. Reigns
Rollins vs. Reigns but the outcome was a head scratcher considering that the same two men will meet again this Sunday. To think that Reigns can’t ever lose, no matter the circumstances, to continue his build is dubious logic. In a nutshell I did not understand the outcome of Rollins vs. Reigns Monday night.

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