Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Dean Ambrose, No Brock Lesnar, More WWE Malaise

After WWE Night of Champions, WWE had a huge post-PPV Raw with no Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns.

What did the Pulse Wrestling staff think of the show?


I especially enjoyed Dean Ambrose and his frenetic persona opening and closing the show tonight. Other than that, Raw was pretty much a ho-hum event coming off Night of Champions. It would have been nice to see the Wyatts in action tonight, just like it would have been nice to see them at Night of Champions. Also, I hate when John Cena becomes aligned with the current hot character, because 9 times out of 10 it hurts that character and only helps Cena in the end. Lastly, the Brock Lesnar Effect really hurt this episode. After all, how can you follow up Night of Champions without the WWE World Heavyweight Champion AND also without his advocate Paul Heyman? That’s all from me — CB.

Rhett Davis

Not a bad show, but Dean and Seth Rollins shined as a lot of the rest of the roster more or less did the same thing that they had been doing. Which is absolutely nothing. Dolph got the title back which is good, but no Brock or Paul E. hurt the title picture. I’m guessing Hell in a Cell will have no title match?

Justin Czerwonka

This show was a total place holder show. Nothing new was really established, and we don’t know what the status of the WWE Championship is. Is Lesnar done for a month? There were too many rematches on this show and once again the three hour product exposed the WWE’s poor booking. Dean Ambrose and some of the in ring work on the show were enough to give the RAW a 4 in my eyes.0


The Raw after a PPV is usually a news worthy show with new angles and to start to setup the next PPV. This Raw, however, didn’t do that as much. It was strange that the champion Brock Lesnar was not only not on Raw, but neither was Paul Heyman, and neither were mentioned much. It was great to see Dean Ambrose get a huge push, and also be skeptical of John Cena and not immediately buddy/buddy. That said, WWE is in a severe creative slump and this was another fairly boring show.


Are the Family Guy manatees writing these shows?

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