Conor McGregor Says He Is Ready To Step In For Jose Aldo Or Chad Mendes If Asked To

Even though Conor McGregor is scheduled to meet Dustin Poirier at UFC 178 this Saturday, the Irish fighter says he would be happy to fight again at UFC 179 if he needed to.

Speaking with reporters in Las Vegas, McGregor was asked if he felt up to stepping in for either featherweight champion Jose Aldo or Chad Mendes if he were called upon.

“100 percent,” said McGregor. “You’re damn right I’d be ready. I stay ready. It’s my logo.”

Aldo was originally supposed to defend his title in a rematch with Mendes Aug. 2 at UFC 176, but the match was delayed to Oct. 25, 2014 at UFC 179 after he suffered a neck injury.

“I’m actually flying out to Brazil,” McGregor continued. “Not only will I fly out, I’ll jump into the Octagon if need be. Who knows? I might stick a few banana peels around the weigh-in area and hope someone falls.”

When asked to pick a winner between Aldo and Mendes, McGregor seemed to read more into the recent troubles surrounding Aldo’s training camp at Nova União.

“I’ll honestly whoop both of them,” McGregor said. “There’s a lot of factors in it. I like the mental side of combat sport. I like the mental side of anything, really. You can look at it many ways.

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