Marvel Comics & Amazing Spider-Man #18 Spoilers & Review: HUGE Dark Web Event Turning Point!

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Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man #18 Spoilers and Review follows.

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HUGE Dark Web Event Turning Point!

What To Expect.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 0-1 Dark Web

Classic Homage Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN

As if the normal run-of-the-mill demons of Limbo weren’t enough…

Spider-Man finds himself facing a small army of demonized versions of his rogues’ gallery!

Can he make it home to stop Chasm and the Goblin Queen?!

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

In addition the main cover and solicitation above the title has a few variant covers below.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 0-2 Dark Web Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 0-3 Dark Web Ed McGuinness Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 0-4 Dark Web Black Cat Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 0-5 Dark Web Insidious Six concept art

Amazing Spider-Man #18 Spoilers and Review.

ASM #18 picks up directly from where Dark Web: X-Men #3 (of 3) left off (full spoilers here).

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 1 Goblin Queen

Madelyne Pryor aka the Goblin Queen and a clone X-Men’s Jean Grey has had a change of heart and no longer wishes to causes harm to humanity.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 2 Goblin Queen Chasm Hallows' Eve

She advises her partner Ben Reilly aka Chasm fka Scarlet Spider and a clone of Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man that she’s out.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 3 Goblin Queen Chasm Hallows' Eve

His girlfriend Janine Godbe aka Hallows’ Eve sees this as her and Ben being alone again.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 4 Goblin Queen Chasm Hallows' Eve

She uses her new found super-powers, from the Goblin Queen, to steal her scythe.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 5 Goblin Queen Chasm Hallows' Eve

She is gives it to Ben who begins the new Goblin King or as he’d like to called King Chasm.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 6 Goblin Queen Chasm Hallows' Eve

Elsewhere, Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man, with Rek-Rep, continue to tangle with the demons of the Insidious Six.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 7

There skirmish is interrupted by the new amped up Chasm and Hallows’ Eve.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 8

However, Spider-Man and Rek-Rep are no match for this twosome.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 10

They all leace Limbo headed back to NYC.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 11

That allows Spider-Man and Rek-Rep to meet up with the one-time Goblin Queen and the X-Men.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 13

Looks like its team-up time.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 14

Next Up.

Only two more issues to go for this event per the Dark Web checklist with both on shelves next week.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 spoilers 15 checklist

The Pulse.

The strength of this issue, as has the previous ASM issues for Dark Web, has been the pencils of Ed McGuinness. However, its nice to see that at least one of the Dark Web tie-ins (the 3-part Dark Web: X-Men) was actually relevant to main story. Lots of action and emotion in this issue. I’m saddened by the trauma Ben Reilly is experiencing, but hoping Chasm will get onto a redemption story. Intrigued by the final two parts of the Dark Web event. 7.5 out of 10.

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