Shane Carwin Says He Would Come Out Of Retirement To Fight Brock Lesnar Again

Shane Carwin says he would pull a Brett Favre… if he got the return fight that he wanted.

The heavyweight wants to settle the score with Lesnar after their 2010 title fight and said that he would be willing to un-retire to get it.

“I’m all in,” Carwin said of a potential rematch to FOX Sports. “All the pain would be worth that.”

He also talked about why he felt that he lost the first match and what he would do differently.

“I basically almost died in that fight,” Carwin said. “In the second round, anybody could have tripped me and landed on me. I should have let him up and kept punching him in the head. Lesson learned. Cain learned it. If I didn’t make it obvious what to do to that guy, the next guy did.”

With that said, Carwin admitted that he didn’t think another fight would happen.

“I don’t even know why he would have the desire,” Carwin said.

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