Urijah Faber Says He Doesn’t Feel Slighted By Being On Free Preliminary Card, Says He Requested It

In a recent press conference in Rio de Janeiro ahead of UFC 179, Urijah Faber also addressed his upcoming match against Francisco Rivera that is slated to be on the preliminary card at UFC 181 and how he doesn’t feel offended by where he was placed on the card.

“I think people also don’t understand how the Pay-Per-View works,” Faber said. “Everyone thinks it is a big deal to be on the PPV… it’s only a big deal to be on the PPV if you’re getting paid extra to be on the Pay-Per-View. For me, it makes more sense to be where everyone gets to watch you for free and so I asked specifically the last fight to be in the main card on the free card because it got over a million views and that’s why I asked specifically to be on there. Undercard is one thing. It doesn’t make anymore money for me to be on a Pay-Per-View unless I am getting a piece of that Pay-Per-View. For me, the free TV card is the best.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com