Complete WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results for October 31, 2014 (Spoilers)

They opened with the Halloween Costume Battle Royal. The winner gets a shot at A.J. Lee. Nikki, Paige, Fox and Natalya were the final four. Fox threw out Natalya. Then she and Paige went over the top together, leaving Nikki alone. Brie wasn’t there as she was in Santa Clara (Mania location) doing a Make a Wish rally at Buchser High School.

Kane and Rollins were out. More Halloween stuff. Kane challenged Dolph Ziggler to a rematch.

Kane b Ziggler with a choke slam and pin. He also kicked out of the Zig Zag. I’m at a loss for logic here.

Kane destroyed Ziggler after the match. then Rollins, Mercury and Noble all beat him down. Kane then told Ziggler that he has a second match booked tonight, against Rollins.

Rollins b Ziggler in 20 seconds with the curb stomip.

Heath Slater, dressed up like a scarecrow, did a promo yelling about John Cena. In the middle of his promo, Ryback came out.

Ryback b Slater in 1:00 with the shell shock.

Miz TV with Mark Henry was next. People weren’t happy with a second Miz TV at the same show, but Henry cut a great promo. He said Show was always trying to steal the spotlight. Show came out. Henry grabbed Miz and Mizdow and put them in front of Show. Show got past them and he and Henry went at it. Henry speared Show through a gimmicked barricade and Show was left laying.

Los Matadores b Goldust & Stardust in a non-title match. The crowd never bought Los Matadores. Stardust knocked Torito off the apron and he sold like he was knocked out. In all the confusion, Goldust was pinned.

Rusev b Great Khali in 1:00 with the accolade

Lana & Rusev did a promo. The next guy they are after is Sheamus and the U.S. title. He vowed he would hand the U.S. title to Vladimir Putin. Sheamus came out and challenged Rusev to fight right there but he backed off.

Bray Wyatt did an interview from a rocking chair. He did an anti-Halloween promo. He said Ambrose is just like him, a monster. He made some Sister Abigail comments.

Dean Ambrose b Cesaro in a trick or street match, which was a street fight. Usual street fight except pumpkins and skeletons and Halloween items were used. He put Cesaro’s head in a pumpkin and used the double arm DDT for the win. Cesaro was stumbling around with the pumpkin on his head.

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Source: Wrestling Observer