The Walking Dead Spoilers: Show’s Newest Villain Says She Is Actually A Hero

It’s hard to picture Dawn as a hero, especially after the way she treated Beth on last night’s highly-anticipated episode of The Walking Dead, but apparently the actress behind the character believes this is the case.

In a recent interview with EW, Christine Woods said that Dawn might deserve another look before any judgment is passed.

“It’s funny, I consider Dawn a hero,” Woods said. “Not to get political, but look at today’s climate with police officers and people in horrible emergency situations trying to make the best out of what’s best for the people around them and “within their authority.” So this person, after all of this stuff happened, is not someone who went and took power. She is someone who was essentially socially in a position to protect and go out of her way to save people and keep things kind of going in an orderly way, because that was this person’s job in normal life. So she’s just acting in a way that is trying to keep her regular identity going. And so she thinks she’s being very helpful. And she’s keeping things going and keeping people safe, and so I think 100% her heart is completely in the right place here. She was dealt a hand that was really stressful in relation to her former colleague and former boss Hanson, and she had to take care of some things that I think were very brave of her to take care of. So I don’t see her as a villain at all. I see her as a hero, and as the story unfolds you can decide if you think that too. I think she’s a brave, scared person who is trying to be a hero. So I think she’s a hero. I really do.”

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