Anderson Silva Hospitalized With Back Pain, Fight With Nick Diaz Reportedly Still On

Anderson Silva was recently hospitalized in Rio de Janeiro after a training session at X-Gym.

According to a Combate report, Silva felt “severe pain” in his back when he attempted to stand up (after a mat-based jiu-jitsu session) and was immediately rushed to a medical facility early yesterday morning. Silva said that he couldn’t feel his legs to doctors at the Barra D’Or Hospital.

The middleweight was released early this morning and the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission’s medical director, Dr. Marcio Tannure discussed the injury with Combate.

“He felt a severe pain because of the contracture,” Dr. Tannure said. “It really hurts a lot, but it won’t change anything in terms of training. The issue he had explains the pain but won’t get him sidelined or even cancel the bout.”

Silva, is still scheduled to meet former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

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