CB’s Slant: The Re-Rise of Ryback and Why It Can Work

Good morning out there in Inside Pulse Wrestling Land! It’s me, it’s me, it’s CBP (CB Pulse baby!)

First things first, a new wrestling fan has now entered the WWE Universe, as I am now a dad to my newborn baby boy. Baby CB and mom are doing great, and to paraphrase from Taz, my life is about to change. Or it already has. Or something like that.

Speaking of births, the topic at hand I’d like to discuss as I drink my fourth coffee in 24 hours (being that I’m not a coffee drinker, that’s quite the feat for me) is the reappearance of Ryback as a baby face on WWE TV, and what it might mean for THE BIG GUY.

I’ve always liked the Ryback character and I thought WWE did a phenomenal, almost RUSEV-CRUSH-like job when first building him up. Ryback went from being Skip Sheffield to Big Hungry in a pretty seamless transition following a break from injury, and Big Hungry became a main event player pretty quickly.

What hurt Ryback the first time around was when John Cena got hurt and he wound up in a title match with CM Punk at Hell In A Cell to fill in for Cena. At that time, there was no reason for Punk to lose and Ryback should not have been put in that position to “not win” instead of Cena in that spot. Also, much like with Dean Ambrose, I hate when Cena plays cheerleader for the up and coming baby face, because it automatically makes that person seem a little less cool, it hurts more than helps their progress, and it hinders them in the long run. Just think of Cena as what Obama was to Dems this election cycle: The man in charge that no one benefits from when they get too close.

With that said, now that Ryback is back and has broken the seemingly endless cycle of tagging with Curtis Axel, and because he was able to take time off to recharge and be rebooted, I feel like Ryback has a solid shot at re-rising to the top in WWE.

Personally, I think the Big Guy is entertaining enough and driven enough to get back there, and maybe one day he’ll get a title shot that isn’t rushed and/or viewed as a meaningless afterthought.

What do YOU think if Ryback’s potential to re-emerge? Sound off in the comments section below!

That’s all from me — CB.

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