Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: When Will Owen & Amelia Hook Up?

It’s clear both Hunt and Shepherd (Amelia!) need a little love in their loves and this has led to speculation that a romantic pairing of the two is on the horizon.

In a recent interview with, Caterina Scorsone revealed why the obvious Hunt/Shepherd pairing hasn’t been seen yet.

“We haven’t shot anything that explicitly goes down that road,” Scorsone said. “I think Shonda is trying to be really careful about not accelerating past the healing that both of them have to do. He had this huge relationship with Cristina that was really important to him. And Amelia lost Ryan and her baby, and then broke off this engagement. So she’s got a lot of wounds to heal, and is very gun-shy in the love department. She’s really protective of her heart. She’s been really badly burned in the past. So I think Shonda is just being careful not to push that too soon. Butâ€Ĥ I definitely see why that speculation has happened. They have some really interesting, mutual wounded pieces.”