Mark Hunt Says He Defines Interim Title Match As A ‘Number 1 Contenders’ Match To Fight Cain Velasquez

While Mark Hunt is fighting for the interim heavyweight title against Fabricio Werdum this Saturday at UFC 180, he doesn’t believe the winner will actually be the champion.

“The only champion around these days in the heavyweight division is Cain,” Hunt told MMAjunkie. “If you want to be the champ, you’ve got to beat the champ. This right here is a fight for the No. 1 contender. I don’t look at this as the world title; I look at this as the spot to fight the best.”

While many aren’t giving the “Super Samoan” a chance in the match (including the former champion, Velasquez himself), Hunt says he isn’t worried about Werdum’s superior grappling.

“They can be King Kong, Godzilla or whatever – I don’t care what they have,” Hunt said. “Once you get a punch in the face or a knee in the head, all of those skills are gone. That’s the answer for all these plans and everything: just a swift kick to the lips.

“All I care about is what I’m going to do in the octagon. I’ve got to focus on is what I’m going to do in the fight. It makes it so much simpler for me as a fighter. All I’ve got to do is go in the octagon and put more hurt on him then he does on me. Then I’ve won.”

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