WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 11/17/14: Final Push For Survivor Series

It’s the final RAW before Survivor Series. Who will be the final person to join Team Cena? We also have Grumpy Cat as the guest host, so expect a lot of bad “comedy” segments tonight.

Continuity in the WWE?

Team Authority came to the ring to start the show. Triple H talked about Vince’s announcement from a few weeks ago and how everyone there probably wants them out of power. Triple H said that they are now seen as the evil empire, but the audience couldn’t see what they do for them because they are just sheep. HHH said they would rather have the inmates run the asylum, but the last time that happened was in WCW. And they bought them at auction. Triple H said that there is no way the Authority is losing this Sunday.

Steph said that despite their attempts to get through to Team Cena, they have failed. So tonight, Team Cena will be decimated. And tonight they will have the biggest contract signing in WWE history. Steph then went down their team and then talked about Ryback. As she was talking about him, Ryback came out. Ryback said he wants what is best for Ryback. Steph said that she respects that. She said tensions ran a little high last week, and they made decisions they made regret. Kane said he regrets what transpired. Steph said Cena doesn’t respect Ryback, then played a clip from their feud last year with Cena running down Ryback. Steph said it was clear that Cena was jealous of the Big Guy. She said does Ryback want the contempt of Team Cena or the respect of Team Authority. He said he plays for the one team he can count on, and that’s Team Ryback. Ryback walked away. Triple H then said that the decimation of Team Cena starts now as Luke Harper would fight Dolph Ziggler.

I Feel Bad For The IC Belt Now

The match is apparently now for the Intercontinental Title. Before the match, Mercury and Noble attacked Ziggler. Ziggler tried fighting them off but Rollins came in and hit Ziggler with the MITB Briefcase. Ziggler slowly got up and demanded the ref ring the bell. Harper caught Ziggler with a boot but only got a two count. Harper then hit a sit down powerbomb for two. Harper then went for a boot in the corner but Ziggler moved and Harper went over the top into commercial.

Back from break Ziggler escaped a suplex but caught a right hand from Harper. Harper did the Gator roll and went to a headlock, but Dolph escaped with a jawbreaker. Ziggler moved out of the way of a charge in the corner and Harper went into the post. Ziggler hit a Fameasser for two. Harper blocked a super kick and Ziggler hit a blackhole slam for two. Harper went for his clothesline but Ziggler caught him with a superkick for two. Harper went for the powerbomb but Dolph escaped. He popped up off the mat but walked right into Harper’s finishing clothesline giving Harper the win and the IC Title.

WINNER and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Luke Harper

After the match, Seth Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on Dolph Ziggler.

A Kofi Kingston new day promo aired.

A Grumpy Cat/Miz and Mizdow segment aired.

Tyson Kidd beat Adam Rose with the Sharpshooter. The Bunny was flirting with Natalya and that distracted Rose. The Bunny tried apologizing after the match. Rose went to attack the Bunny but the Bunny moved and dry humped Rose.

Using Pre Tapes To Your Advantage

Bray Wyatt came out. He talked about how everything you love can be ripped away from you at the drop of the hat. And a man that has nothing to lose is the most dangerous man in this world. He said everyday for Dean Ambrose is a pathetic way to express himself. He will always be alone. Bray said he hopes Dean doesn’t mistake his generosity for something malignant. Bray said he comes in peace. Bray said the momentary suffering was a gift. Bray said he wants Dean to see the salvation he can offer. Bray told Dean to embrace him.

Dean Ambrose appeared on the tron. He said Bray’s words are like nails on a chalkboard. Dean said he was trying to understand Bray. Dean said he has a magic trick of his own. Dean then said that he recorded this earlier today on his friend’s cell phone and he is out in the arena right now. The lights turned on and Ambrose appeared in the ring and attacked Bray. Dean said he doesn’t need any saving, and at Survivor Series Bray needs to worry about saving himself.

A TWO Segment Not That Bad Ryback Match

Ryback vs Cesaro. Ryback connected on a bodyslam and splash for two. Ryback hit a suplex but Cesaro came back with one of his own. Ryback came back with a Lou Thesz press and went for some punches in the corner but Cesaro powerbombed Ryback. Cesaro hit a body stomp then went to a headlock. Ryback fought out but Cesaro came back with a clothesline over the top.

Back from break Ryback caught Cesaro coming off the top and hit a belly to belly suplex. Ryback readied for the Meathook but Cesaro rolled out to the apron. Ryback tossed him back in and hit a splash off the second rope. Ryback went for Shell Shocked but Cesaro escaped and hit a German suplex. Ryback escaped but Cesaro tossed him into the ringpost and hit three more German suplexes. Cesaro went to the top and hit an elbow drop for two. Cesaro charged at Ryback but Ryback caught him and hit a press slam into a powerslam for two. Ryback went for the Meathook again but Cesaro hit an uppercut then tossed Ryback in the air and hit another uppercut but only got two. Ryback recovered and hit a clothesline then followed it up with Shell Shocked for the win.

WINNER: Ryback

John Cena was interviewed and he said all he can hope is that his team perseveres through tonight and gets to Survivor Series.

Lana talked about having a topless photo of her own like Kim Kardashian and then showed a picture of Vladimir Putin instead. Heath Slater came out in a red, white and blue outfit and told Lana to shut up. He said he was going to kick Rusev’s ass, but instead went right into a superkick and then the Accolade.

Backstage, Miz and Mizdow were with Grumpy Cat. Erik Rowan came in and said he wanted the cat, then grabbed the stuffed animal Mizdow had.

John Cena: Worst Team Leader Ever

Stephanie McMahon came out to talk to Big Show. She said she should listen to his bosses more often and not be so flippy-floppy like he has been his whole career. She said that if he walks away from Team Cena the Authority will make him the first active member of the Hall of Fame. The crowd chanted no but Steph said to not listen to the people that have got him in trouble before. Show told her no. Sheamus said he looks forward to next week when the only way he will see Steph and HHH is if they buy a ticket. Steph said that its a good thing Sheamus is here because there was an issue with his passport earlier today and he might have to get deported. Steph then said Sheamus and Big Show would fight each other with the winner getting the opportunity for a WWE Title match.

A ref came down and the match started. They exchanged blows early on. Big Show tossed Sheamus over the top and he landed on the apron. Show then tossed Sheamus over the barricade into commercial. Back from break Big Show hit a bodyslam. Show hit three more bodyslams then followed it up with an elbow. Sheamus escaped a submission and started a comeback but went right into a Big Show boot. Show then caught Sheamus with a Spear but Sheamus escaped a chokeslam and hit White Noise for two. Show blocked a Brogue Kick and hit a chokeslam for two. Sheamus dropped Big Show off the second rope.

Rusev and Mark Henry then walked to the ring. Rusec kicked Sheamus out of the ring, causing a DQ. Mark Henry then hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Sheamus through the announce table as Rusev applied the Accolade in the ring.

Brie Bella dressed as AJ beat Nikki in an exhibition match after AJ distracted Nikki. Nikki berated Brie after the match before AJ attacked her and then also took out Brie.

A Big E New Day Promo aired.

John Cena tried to talk Ryback into joining his team. Cena said that it sucks that the man who wants to get fed more doesn’t want to step up to the table and get fed when given the opportunity.

8 Man Tag: The Usos and Los Matadores vs Miz/Mizdow and the Dust Brothers. Miz went to work on one of the Matadors then tagged in Goldust. The Matador hit a hurricarrana on Miz then Mizdow came in and just flipped himself over tin the ring. Los Matadores then hit dives to the outside on the Dust brothers. The heels continued to work over the Matador back from break. The heels continuously teased tags to Mizdow until he finally tagged himself in, only for the Miz to tag himself back in. The Matador eventually made the hot tag to an Uso. A big mess at the end that saw an Uso accidentally kick a Matador, then Stardust hitting his finisher to pick up the win.


The Authority came out for the contract signing. Triple H said they had no idea what this is like for them. Triple H said that everything about them is about this. He said this is the air they breathe and they do this for their family. He said they can’t and won’t lose. He said this is the last chance for everyone on Team Cena to back out, because if they don’t then they wish they had come Sunday. Steph then asked whatever is left of Team Cena to come out.

John Cena came to the ring by himself. Triple H said he can’t see the rest of his team. He said this Sunday everyone is going to see Team Authority lose and lose power. Steph said Sheamus is already in the hospital and out for this Sunday and no one is going to join him in his crusade. Cena said he sees what’s going on. Every week they come out here and bore the people to death. He said that he will find a team to compete this Sunday even if he has to pick them out of the crowd. Cena said at least whoever he picks for his team will have a love for the WWE unlike Team Authority. Cena ran down every member of Team Authority with some lame joke. Cena said Steph was going to end up cleaning toilets after this Sunday then slapped Cena.

Cena was ready to fight everyone but Dolph Ziggler came out to join him. Big Show then joined. Erik Rowan then came out to join Team Cena to the surprise of Luke Harper. Cesaro then came out and looked to be siding with Team Cena, but jokingly went over to The Authority then just left. Ryback then came out and joined Team Cena and the brawl started. Cena went to AA Rollins but Triple H stopped him. Ryback then came into the ring to stare down HHH. This allowed Cena to recover and AA Triple H through the table as Team Cena stood tall to close the show.


Ryback vs Cesaro: I liked this match. Ryback held his own in the ring and Cesaro did a good job as well working a good match with Ryback. If Ryback is going to get over with the audience then he needs to start working longer matches like this and this was a good start. It’s a shame Cesaro’s talents aren’t more recognized.

Luke Harper as Intercontinental Champion: I think Luke Harper is going to be something special for the WWE in the future. He’s a big man who can work. The match could have used a little bit of build, but at least it fit in the sense from a storyline perspective with The Authority wanting to take out Team Cena. I’m guessing there will be a rematch down the line, and hopefully they get some time. The short match that we got was good.

New Day Promos: I’m saying I like these for one of two reasons: 1. I hope they are just being used to promote Smackdown moving to Thursday and are just a big troll job from the WWE. 2. I hope they are the opposite of what happened with Brodus Clay. They look like they are for a corny gimmick and instead these three come out as a new heel faction and get a big push. All three guys could handle the push and I want to see some new guys at the top.


Opening Segment: For a second there I thought I was watching a rerun from a RAW in 2003 or 2004. It was just a really long Triple H promo that just kept repeating itself over and over and didn’t seem to have a point. I long for the days that RAW doesn’t have to start like that anymore.

Big Show vs Sheamus: First off I didn’t like the setup for the match. Why should these two faces believe anything that Stephanie McMahon says? Didn’t The Authority say that their goal tonight was to take out Team Cena? Then the match itself was bad and just didn’t have any flow to it at all.

This show didn’t really do a good job of selling Survivor Series. And the wrestling action on the show wasn’t that great as well. The beginning and end promos just weren’t good and was the typical Triple H/John Cena continuously rambling promos. With Triple H you didn’t know what the point was and with John Cena it was just his typical terrible comedy. If you were on the fence about Survivor Series I don’t think this show did anything to change your mind. I’m going with a 3 for the show for the three things I liked above.

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