Cris Cyborg Accepts Ronda Rousey’s Challenge With A Catch… Fight Must Be At 140 Lbs

After Ronda Rousey called Cris Cyborg out (again) at Monday’s UFC presser, Cyborg finally accepted but with a catch, the fight must be a catchweight contest.

Rousey said that if Cyborg attempted to speak ill of her accomplishments in women’s MMA, she would “kill her” with her bare hands. The comment struck a nerve with Cyborg who responded on the Underground forum.

“Hahaha, you say you want to try and kill me in the cage? but you are scared about 10 lbs? lets meet in the middle at 140lbs, I’m tired of the bully talking. Cat Zingano if you are looking for a training partner let me know, I can not wait to see you shut this girls mouth.”

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