How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How The Murder Change Wes?

On last night’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, it was revealed that Wes was the one who killed Sam and the murder will have a profound effect on the show’s most innocent character.

According to the show’s EP, Peter Nowalk, Wes won’t be the same when the show returns after its winter hiatus.

“It’s going to rock his entire foundation,” Nowalk told EW. “It will change him completely from who he was. That night hijacked his life; you have to quickly become someone else who’s not quite human. That means many things for him. Whether he becomes hardened, whether he becomes colder, whether he becomes more traumatized, darker, more connected with Rebecca or less connected with Rebecca, I think that’s the ripple effect of what he’s done. I don’t think anyone could ever prepare for that, especially someone who is built like him. He’s had a lot of struggles in his life, but I don’t think anything has prepared him for this.”