Roy Jones Jr. Previews Pacquaio/Algieri Match, Says Challenger Is Outmatched On Paper But ‘Fight Is On Canvas’

Roy Jones Jr. recently spoke to reporters in Macau and offered his thoughts on Saturday’s Manny Pacquaio vs. Chris Algieri fight.

“I think Pacquiao vs. Algieri is an interesting fight”, Jones previewed, “I think it will depend on how much Algieri can take against Pacquiao early, and if he can, it will be a very interesting fight. Pacquiao will be looking to unleash his onslaught early, because the shorter guy will not be chasing the taller guy all night long, especially a guy that long and shaped like Algieri.”

“He’s not the biggest puncher, and he doesn’t pose that big of a threat to Pacquiao punching-wise, but he picks people apart with his excellent movement, and those punches add up over time,” he explains. “Whoever can carry their game plans better will win. If Pacquiao can hurt him, get him down and in trouble early, he will finish him. If Algieri can get to him early and make the fight longer, he can out point him. We’ll see.”

“On paper he is out matched, but they’re not fighting on paper, they’re fighting on canvas.”

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