WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 11/24/14: Survivor Series Fallout

Hey everyone! Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

The show starts out with a Sting video package from Survivor Series.

HHH’s music plays and The Authority comes out – just HHH and Stephanie. She whines for a while, then HHH grabs the mic and says the job of running WWE is hard, who could do it – John Cena? Dolph Ziggler? Sting? HHH cuts down Sting – do you want to make your career by just standing in the ring with HHH? After about 10 minutes, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes out and down to the ring. Huge YES! chant from the crowd. Bryan taunts HHH and Steph by “Yes’ing” near them as they walk out of the ring to the back.

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Bryan is in the ring and he has a mic. He runs down Hunter and Steph and says he has been put in charge of Raw tonight. He calls out the rest of the Authority. Bryan makes a main event handicap match of John Cena and Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins and 2 partners voted on by the fans. The choices are Mark Henry/Luke Harper, Mark Henry/Kane or Jamie Noble/Joey Mercury. Crowd pops. Bryan then goes to talk to Kane and mentions their history with Dr. Shelby. Bryan changes Kane’s title from Director of Operations to Director of “Food and Beverage” and instead of Corporate Kane he is now Concessions Kane. Oh ho ho! Bryan has someone from the back bring out wacky concession stand props for Kane. Bryan puts his attention on Rusev. He gives Rusev two options – a company-wide battle royal for the US title or he must come to the ring and recite the US Pledge of Allegence. Last but not least, Mark Henry. Backstage Ryback asked Daniel Bryan for a favor – a match with Henry and Bryan told him YES! Huge YES! chant breaks out. And that match? It’s happening now

Mark Henry vs. Ryback
Brief feed me more music then Ryback attacks right away and they brawl to the ring.

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After the break, the match is basically Ryback hitting the Meathook clotheslines for a clean pin.
Winner: Ryback

Backstage Vince McMahon shows up, and he taunts Stephanie and HHH as they exit. He tells them someway, someday they will fix it. Steph says he’s sorry. Vince gets mad, says he’s never sorry, but he might be sorry having to spend Thanksgiving with them. Crowd gasped. They all enter a stretch black limo and drive off.

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WWE Intercontinental Title
Luke Harper (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Let’s Go Ambrose chant breaks out to start. Match goes back and forth for a bit heading into a

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Luke Harper controls with a side headlock as the break ends. Harper controls with methodical brawling. After a long heat segment, Ambrose clears Harper to the floor. Harper back in and speed picks up a bit. Ambrose controls and gets a few near falls. Harper recovers and sets up for a superplex. Ambrose fights him off and comes down with an elbow drop for a 2 count. More back and forth, Ambrose kicks out from a stiff sidekick. Ambrose then does the middle rope bounce attack and gets 2. Harper goes to the floor and grabs the IC title, going to leave, but Ambrose dives at him from the ring. Harper pushes Ambrose into the ref, the ref randomly calls for a DQ. Harper attacks Ambrose after the bell is called for.
Winner via DQ: Harper

Ambrose gets chair from under the ring and tosses them into the ring. Dirty Deeds onto a chair. We Want Tables chant breaks out and Ambrose goes back under the ring and grabs a ladder which gets a big pop from the crowd. Out of no where, Bray Wyatt attacks Ambrose and hits Sister Abigail on the floor. He continues to beat down Ambrose around the announce table.

Before They Were Superstars: The Usos debuts on WWE Network after Raw.

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Big E has a white shirt and jeans and is kinda rapping over the “New Day” choir. The New Day is coming.

Lilian Garcia introduces Larry The Cable Guy and Santino Marella – stars of Jingle All The Way 2. Larry has a lucha mask, no shirt and camo shorts and a mic. They do a bit where Larry thinks they were here to wrestle and Santino plays straight man and says no. Larry claims he beat up Savage. Santino is shocked – Randy Savage? No it was Fred Savage. Boooo from the crowd. Larry gets a pop mentioning Stone Cold Steve Austin. They are interrupted by Gold & Stardust who come down to the ring. Goldust briefly stopped and scared Larry a bit.

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WWE Tag Team Titles
The Miz & Damien Mizdow (c) vs. Gold & Stardust

Before the match the champs do an inset promo, and Damien has smaller prop tag belts as the Miz holds both real ones. Match goes back and forth for a bit.

Commercial Break

Both teams are on the mat as the break returns. Miz is being tended to after being taken out on the floor. Goldust gets the heat on Mizdown. Tag over to Stardust to continue the heat on Mizdow. Miz is still selling on the floor. Finally Mizdow gets a brief flurry, and Miz pops up and blind tags him as he runs the ropes. Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.
Winners: Miz & Mizdow

WWE 2K15 promo

Commercial Break

Wacky skit backstage where a small lady act like Kane’s boss and says he is in charge of chips.

Rusev comes out with Lana. He refuses to recite the pledge. Daniel Bryan goes on the big screen and says if Rusev does not recite the pledge, he will have to do the full battle royal. Bryan sends down Sgt Slaughter to make sure this happens. Slaughter comes down, and Lana actually recipes part of the pledge, but then Rusev refuses and threatens Slaughter. Jack Swagger makes the save with Zeb Coulter. No Battle Royal

Commercial Break

Another wacky skit with Kane and concessions

Fandango w/Rosa Mendes vs. Justin Gabriel
Fandango has new music and a revised look, debuted on the pre-show for Survivor Series. Basically a squash, Fandango wins clean with a top rope leg drop.
Winner: Fandango

Backstage Big Show walks around pensive about his turn at Survivor Series.

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Big Show comes out in a nice suit. He tries to deflect his turn last night and say he’s not a bad guy, he’s a human being who made a mistake. Show brings up last year when he turned heel and turned on Daniel Bryan. He says he has a medical condition. He is coming across purposely insincere. Had he known how it would have turned out, he wouldn’t have done it, it’s an honest mistake! Show says he has been putting his body on the line for 20 year – for you guys, the fans. He wants to start over and pretend Survivor Series never happened. You Sold Out chant breaks out. He calls out anyone in the back that has a problem with him. Erick Rowan comes out and the crowd chants for him! He comes to the ring and simply says “I don’t like bullies” and then Show clears out.

Backstage J & J Security (Mercury & Noble) talk to Seth Rollins about the handicap match tonight. Ziggler comes up to them and mocks them.

Commercial Break

Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee
Brie and Nikki appear back together. All commmentary was centered around their phantom reconcilliation, with theories including “familes always have internal fighting” and “the title brought them together”. Either way they are back together without any explanation. AJ cut a promo on the way to the ring. Match starts and Bellas cheat, allowing Brie to win.
Winner: Brie Bella

After the match, AJ gets more mic time, and says someone needs to tell the Bellas that talent is not sexually transmitted, which got a good crowd reaction.

Commercial Break

Larry the Cable Guy joins the commentary team for this segment. And Santino.

Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya
This is billed as an inter-species match. Bunny is against Tyson Kidd, knocks him into the corner and then does pelvic thrusts towards Natalya. This is brutal. Kidd beats the Bunny into his own corner, and Natalya wants a tag. He finally tags her and she comes in but immediately tags himself back in. Bunny knocks him down and crawls over to tag Adam Rose. Spinebuster for 2. The Bunny turns his back and goes to trip up Kidd, but instead trips up Rose and Kidd gets the roll up pin.
Winner: Kidd & Natalya

Rose looks upset but no beatdown.

Ryback WALKS backstage. Rene Young asks him about his match with Henry but he wants some food.

Commercial Break

The New Day Dawns… next Monday on Raw.

Ryback finds Kane’s concession stand and orders 2 cans of tuna fish, a protein shake with extra protein for the Big Guy, and a big bag of beef jerky. Kane says they are out of those but has a hot dog and throws it at Ryback. The Big Guy attacks and pushes a table into Kane and then squirts him with ketchup – “a little red for the Big Red Machine”.

Rene Young interviews John Cena backstage. He brings over Dolph Ziggler as well. They are ready for their match later.

3-on-2 Handicap Match
Dolph Ziggler & John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury

Daniel Bryan comes out after Cena and Ziggler. Bryan introduces Seth then shows the results – 93% J&J Security, 4% Harper/Henry, 3% Henry/Kane. They come out to no music. Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants break out. Heels are not getting along as we take a final

Commercial Break

Back and Noble is actually in control a bit. Cena tags over to Dolph and he takes control. After a while they beat him down and it’s a long heat sequence on Dolph. Hot tag over to Cena, and they win from there, ending with a double finisher on Noble and Mercury.
Winners: Cena & Ziggler

Rollins goes to leave, but Daniel Bryan comes out and throws him back into the ring. Finishers all around. All three celebrate. Then it’s the laptop sound, and Cole gets up to read a statement from the Anonymous Raw General Manager. Huge boos. Cole acted the same as he did as a heel when he read the statements. Apparently the laptop is back as GM for next week for “Cyber Monday”. What a strange way to promote next week.